Motorcycle mania


There’s no horsing around in this competitive world motocross competition where modern knights face off in an intense test of strength, endurance and devotion to driving on two wheels.

Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the quickest, calmest and craftiest one of all ? Our bikers in shining armor-like gear put the pedal to the metal as they challenge each other and themselves. Untouchable tires, engine power and suspension quality are musts, but in the end, it all comes down to agility, dexterity and a never slow down attitude. TAG Heuer is the official timekeeper of the MXGP and we even track the riders with the fastest lap times over the course of each and every race. As the engines roar, the smell of oil fills the air and man and machine head out onto the open road, it’s all about speeding ahead of the pack and defying limits. The riders spend every second doing everything possible to stay on track and end up winningly ever after.