TAG Heuer connected Calibre E4 Golf Edition

Tomorrow is here The new connected golf edition, as advanced as ever

Power meets elegance avant-garde design,
superior performance

A sporty gem

The bold black crown rolls seamlessly under your fingertips

A built-in magnetic ball marker within easy reach on the go

Mechanical-like pushers, high-end ceramic bezel, cutting-edge screen


All set to progress Performance at the flick of the wrist

  • Swing into high gearGet ready to focus on your game. The new Drive Shot Tracking flawlessly detects your first shot on each hole. Perfect your shots

  • Digital score-keepingWhether you're competing or playing a round with friends, keeping track of scores on the watch has never been so easy. Track your scores


Next-generation renderings Visualize your performances, unlock your progress

  • Enjoy dramatic 3D visualsJust finished your last round? Track your strokes on-the-go thanks to accurate 3D renderings of your ball’s trajectory.

  • Fine-tune your next shotDetailed overviews of your previous shots will help you select the best club and route to each hole.

  • Fit for every groundWhere to next? Explore high-resolution 2D maps of hazards and distances on more than 40,000 golf courses worldwide.

To the maps


Ready for every shot Your game, your style, your watch

  • The perfect match for NFTUse your watch to display your highly collectible virtual artworks on your wrist with verified proof of ownership. Transfer your favorite NFTs to your new Lens watch face and enjoy three exclusive high-fidelity layouts with time display. Discover

  • Ball markers anytime, anywhereSlide-out your ball marker from the buckle when you need it. It's that simple. Need a spare? You'll find one in the case. Discover the ball markers

  • Watchfaces made for the gameFrom golf-ball dimples to our signature green color, the five new golf-inspired watchfaces are exclusive to this model. Discover all watch faces

  • Two straps for every styleThe watch's trademark white strap, with its distinctive dimpled motif, comes with an additional elegant black strap. Discover all straps


Crafted for excellence Versatile and built to perform

  • Supercharged batteryPerformance is a time game. Enjoy up to 30% more battery life on the Calibre E4 - Golf Edition.

  • Bluetooth 5.0Speed counts. Take advantage of ultra-fast data transfers and synching with the latest Bluetooth 5.0 wireless standard.

  • Track your heart rateGet ready to track your fitness goals, manage your workouts, and monitor you calories with the integrated heart rate sensor.

  • GPS and AccelerometerWhatever your sport, track and map your sessions with data-driven precision and export to Strava in no time.

Stay ahead

TAG Heuer Golf appUnlock your TAG Heuer connected golf experience with the TAG Heuer Golf app

Made to help you improve your game, the Golf app gives you data-driven insights into your performances.
Coupled with your TAG Heuer Connected Golf Edition, it offers unique features such as 2D and 3D mapping,
accurate distances and hazards, scorekeeping, club recommendations, precise shot metrics, real-time stats.


Get to know it

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