Customize your Golf environment on your TAG Heuer Connected.

Navigate the Settings to manage your display and game preferences. Choose your framing on the map, select a mode to change hole, activate first shot tracking and club recommendation and fill in your handicap index.


Open Golf Settings

Press the top pusher once to open TAG Heuer Sports menu, select ‘Golf’, then press the top button again.

Touch ‘Settings’ to access the different features.


Select the hole to display

Thanks to Hole Tracking, you can choose the hole you want to display on your watch when you are on the course.

When the option is activated, your TAG Heuer Connected uses your position to display the hole you are on. Simply walk to the next hole to change map. When Hole Tracking is disabled, the display automatically switches to the next hole when you submit your scores. The map remains the same as you move around the course.

Regardless of the mode, manual navigation is always available. Swipe right from the current map to view previous holes and left to view subsequent holes.

Hole Tracking can also be enabled or disabled in the Watch tab of your mobile app.

To learn more about maps and display during the round, see the page ‘Play golf with your TAG Heuer Connected’ from step 3.


Enable first shot tracking

The Drive Tracking feature automatically records your first stroke on every hole on the course.

When it is activated, your TAG Heuer Connected identifies your swing and measures the distance covered by your ball. You will only have to save the club used.

Without Drive Tracking, you record your strokes manually by pressing the pushers on your watch. The two recording modes are detailed in the ‘Play golf with your TAG Heuer Connected’ tutorial (see steps 9 to 11 to record your shots manually, and 17 to 23 to use Drive Tracking).


Read about Drive Tracking

Drive Tracking can also be enabled or disabled from the Watch tab of your mobile app.

Touch the information icon to the right of ‘Drive Tracking’ for a reminder on how it works.


About ‘Do not disturb’

The 'Do not disturb' function is identical to the one you can activate from your Quick Settings by touching the 'forbidden' icon, except that it only turns on when you are playing.

Your watch stops vibrating except for alarms and timer. You continue to receive notifications and are notified on your screen for your messages, incoming calls and events as usual.


Choose your focus on the map

The holes having an oblong shape, your watch only displays a portion of the map at a time. Automatic Target allows you to choose the portion you want to see displayed in priority.

When ‘Green Focus’ is activated, display is centered on the green. The small red dot (it is gray while waiting for a GPS signal) shows your focus point. The distance between your position and the green is displayed on the screen at ten o'clock.

The other option, 'Smart Target', points approximately towards the middle of the map, at the ideal landing zone for your first shot. Your distance to this area is displayed at ten o'clock on your watch.


Select GPS option

TAG Heuer Golf can work with your watch or phone GPS.

Watch GPS is recommended for greater accuracy in measuring your shots.

If you use your phone GPS and it is more than 10 yds/m away from you (out of your watch Bluetooth range), your TAG Heuer Connected will take over and record your position.

To change GPS source, press 'Preferred GPS', then select 'Watch' or 'Phone' and confirm by pressing the green button.


Change unit

To change the unit of measurement, press the gray 'Units' box, select 'Meters' or 'Yards' and touch the green tick to validate.


Enter your handicap index

The handicap is in the form of an index that it is up to you to complete and update at your convenience.

It can be changed at any time in the Golf Settings on your watch, from your profile in TAG Heuer Golf app, and at the start of each round (see ‘Start a round’, step 6).

To change your index, tap the gray ‘Handicap’ box, rotate the crown to select a new value and press 'OK' to finish.

If you wish, you can enter the handicap index calculated by your TAG Heuer Golf app here. To do this, open your last recorded game and tap the 'Score' box as shown in steps 11 of the 'Check your stats and history' tutorial. Your 'Simulated HCP' appears on the first line.


Update Handicap on your phone

To modify your Handicap Index on your phone, open TAG Heuer Golf app and tap your profile picture. Touch the 'Handicap' drop-down menu and swipe vertically in the columns to switch values.

Validate by tapping 'Select' and press 'Save' to keep your changes.


In-game settings

All your settings are accessible when you are in game. To display them, swipe up from a hole map and touch ‘Settings’.

Note that you also have the option to enable Club Recommendation and change Tee Box and scoring system during your round.


Activate Club Recommendation on your phone

On your mobile app, Club Recommendation can be turned on or off when starting a round.

To do this, open TAG Heuer Golf and press the ‘Start round’ button in the ‘Me’ tab. Select a course then touch 'More options' on the round settings page.

At the bottom of the screen, the ‘Competition mode’ switch allows you to manage the feature. Club recommendation is disabled in Competition mode.