The world's first belt-driven watch

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TAG Heuer’s iconic Monaco watch has been proving that it’s “hip to be square” since the revolutionary launch of the Heuer Monaco in 1969.

It was the first time a chronograph with a square case hit the market and shook the Swiss watchmaking world to its core. With a big square case, metallic blue dial, bright red hands and a left-mounted crown, this daring design broke the rules and presented a new face to the entire industry.

A year later, legendary actor and motorsports enthusiast Steve McQueen wore it while shooting famed film Le Mans that hit theaters in 1971 and catapulted the Monaco to iconic status. Several makeovers of the original hit the market, but it was in 2004 with the Monaco V4 that time stood still as TAG Heuer unveiled its latest technological coup at Baselworld.

The V4, named for the V-shaped late that carries the four barrels mounted on ball-bearings that were designed to look like the cylinders of a Formula 1 car engine. Its belt drive doesn’t move in the usual way and to this day is a symbol of TAG Heuer’s constant desire to innovate and separate from the pack.

The Monaco V4 took five years of research before it hit the market and is constantly being retested and updated. Even as it gets better with age, the Monaco V4 remains a homage to its original 1969 model and a wearable manifestation of TAG Heuer’s passion for motor racing and avant-garde spirit.


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