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Street art world star, Alec Monopoly is always one step ahead of his time

Childhood heroes, pop icons… Everyone knows the characters portrayed by Alec Monopoly. But his own face is always hidden away by a mask and a hat. A taste for anonymity that comes directly from the streets. Just like his art. As a graffiti artist in New York, he used to work under the threat of visiting jail.

2008 – a winning toss of the dice. He began mocking the world of finance with Monopoly Man, the mascot of the well-known board game. His career took off. His own life changed: he moved to California and sold pieces to Adrien Brody and Robert De Niro. Scrooge McDuck, Richie Rich… His characters became symbols of prosperity. He keeps a close eye on the streets, but also looks for new means of expression. Events, marketing and products constitute his new challenges. His cutting-edge personality must stay hermetic to pressure if he wants to keep innovating.


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To coincide with Miami Contemporary Art week, Jean-Claude Biver, CEO of TAG Heuer and President of the LVMH Watch Division, has announced the appointment of ultra-hot American artist Alec Monopoly as Art Creator for the Avant-Garde brand.

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