They are athletes, surfers, actors, pilots.

Whatever the conditions, they want to make history and break records.

No matter the pressure, the public and adversity, they never give up, they never back down from any challenge.

Patrick Dempsey

From movie sets to racetracks, Patrick Dempsey is as much a heartthrob as he is a speed. Patrick is the king in many different things, ready to take on any challenge. Even with his busy schedule as actor, athlete, philanthropist and father, Patrick Dempsey and his team have managed to score podium finishes: they’ve sped through Daytona, braved the arduous off-road Baja race and then set sights on the 24 hours of Le Mans, the most coveted trophy in endurance racing of all time. Even as Dempsey takes a back seat to devote more time to his family, he’ll be going full speed ahead and continues to push harder on the international sport scene.


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