By TAG Heuer team, TAG HEUER —  07 Dec 2012

Autavia 50th Birthday

Heuer introduced the Autavia chronograph in 1962, as its first mainstream chronograph to feature a model name (“Autavia” being a combination of “AUTomobile” and “AVIAtion”).  The Autavia would be followed by the legendary Carrera in 1963 and Monaco in 1969, as well as numerous new models in the 1970s (Montreal, Silverstone, Daytona, etc.).  With TAG Heuer not having an Autavia in its current model line, it came as no surprise that the brand did not celebrate the 50th Birthday of the Autavia during 2012.  Still, in this era of crowd sourcing, crowd funding, flash mobs and vibrant social media, we realized that the community of vintage Heuer collectors should not let 2012 draw to a close without staging its own 50th Birthday Celebration for the Autavia.