Two wheels. One goal. No limits.


Haute Route aka the “high route” transforms the Pyrenees, the Alps and the Dolomites into a playground for 1,600 die-hard cycling aficionados. Amateur racers from 50 different countries compete in this scenic, seven-day mental and physical challenge.

Our official motto is #dontcrackunderpressure but we’ll let these courageous cyclists borrow it for this tough trek over the highest, steepest terrain possible on two wheels.
Amateur cyclists ride the same mountain roads as the pros.
TAG Heuer is the official timekeeper of Haute Route and main sponsor of the three time trial days on each mountain range. As the clock ticks away, competitors must push their limits in this decisive test of endurance. They train with the mindset “It’s hard, but I can do it.” During the race, their brains and bodies signal “ SOS! Never again! This is hell!” Yet at the end, through the pain, they can proudly say “I made it!” and sign up for another go. Now that’s at attitude we can get behind – literally. Look out for the TAG Heuer Watch Truck traveling the entire route to refresh the riders along the way.


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