March 03, 2016

Watch TAG Heuer's friends, Josef Ajram & Santi Millan challenge their own limits

"Titan Tropic Cuba 2016"

The first Mountain Bike race held in Cuba with the participation of international teams.

Their motto... #DontCrackUnderPressure

Josef Ajram: day trader, coach and triathlete. Santi Millán: actor and TV host. Two big spanish stars and watch TAG Heuer´s friends, who have fought together during 6 days to accomplish an amazing challenge: ride 800km across the Cuban jungle during the first Mountain Bike race where international teams have also participated.

This epic adventure took place in an unforgettable setting full of charm and stunning views. The Titan Tropic Cuba 2016 is a replica of the traditional Titan Desert race held for over a decade in Morocco’s deserts, dunes and mountains.

Two different personalities with a common mindset: Don’t Crack Under Pressure.

Physical effort, mental endurance and true strength have been the keys for Josef and Santi to accomplish this challenge, going beyond their own limits.

Two athletes that have made the most of their expertise to face the Cuban jungle: suffering from lack of sleep, fighting the rain and getting stuck in the mud with no option but to keep moving forward till the finish line. A challenge where they had the support of the new TAG Heuer Connected, and where they have participated with more than 150 cyclist from several countries, including winners and medalists of previous editions of the Titan Desert.

Behind the Titan Tropic Cuba there is a way of thinking, a message and a spirit of overcoming with the extraordinary Cuban landscape as a backdrop. The race explores one of the most remote and unexplored areas in the north of the island, crossing the jungle from La Habana until Cayo Jutías.

Two men with one voice: #DontCrackUnderPressure

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