October 25, 2017


In homage to Jack Heuer’s 85th anniversary, TAG Heuer presents a model he started back in 1962 – Autavia – especially remastered in a limited-edition of 1932 timepieces.

Great-grandson of Edouard Heuer, founder of TAG Heuer in 1860, Jack Heuer represents more than the fourth generation of the Heuer family. Gifted watchmaker and pioneer entrepreneur, Jack Heuer introduced to the world both TAG Heuer most significant timepieces and foresighted vision.

Jack Heuer Grand Father - TAG HEUER

Graduated with a degree in Engineering from ETH Zurich – Polytechnic - in 1957 after a trilingual upbringing in Biel (German, French and English), Jack Heuer personal and professional live have been inextricably linked with the watchmaking industry.

In 1958, a slightly missed victory in a Swiss rally, aboard his red MGA sports car, due to misreading a dial - he depicted in his autobiography The Times of My Life – led a few years later to the creation of Formula One’s drivers most coveted watch: Autavia.

Introduced in 1933 as a Dashboard, Autavia was conceived by Jack Heuer’s father and uncle - Charles-Édouard and Hubert - as they achieved to reunify with a high-quality stopwatch two fields they were both interested in: aviation and automobile. From the contraction of this two names Autavia was born. Jack Heuer remembers in Mastering Time, 1997, how his father was “very big on name-giving, dreaming about names and giving a product a name.” An inspiration Jack Heuer then used naming milestone timepieces such as the Carrera, Monza and the Monaco.

From the small watchmaking workshop in Saint-Imier, Switzerland, founded by his great-grandfather, Jack Heuer brought TAG Heuer to a global brand. Welcoming Hollywood actors, Formula One racing drivers and team to TAG Heuer family, Jack Heuer established TAG Heuer’s excellence of reliability and accuracy to the world.

Ateliers Charles Edouard Jack Heuer - TAG HEUER

The strong and passionate community of collectors and watch lovers developed over time allowed TAG Heuer reediting one Autavia among 16 vintage timepieces during the “Autavia Cup” in 2016. More than 50,000 aficionados voted online and elected the Autavia Rindt – wore by Formula One’s pilot Jochen Rindt – but another design almost uncrowned the winner. Drew by Jack Heuer, the 42mm diameter Autavia remastered with extended functionalities, ranked second, is now especially reedited for Jack Heuer’s 85th anniversary.

With this limited-edition, an Autavia running an Automatic Chronograph Calibre Heuer 02, TAG Heuer celebrates Jack Heuer’s creation in 1932 pieces – the year of his birth – through a timepiece fit, as its first edition, for a modern and intense lifestyle. Autavia is not only a legible and aesthetic watch designed for action – motor sports, diving, skydiving – it also conveys powerful and intricate stories forged by those who embrace Jack Heuer’s inexorable enthusiasm for adventures.




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