December 20, 2017


The Copa Lagos, the great sand soccer’s gathering, is now timed by TAG Heuer.

Each year, for 3 days, Lagos and Nigeria welcome one of the world’s greatest sand soccer trials, the Copa Lagos

Like for most prestigious soccer competitions around the world, TAG Heuer is the Official Timekeeper of this extraordinary event. The game is intense. The small field’s sand surface means that players need unerring dexterity and skills, combining accuracy, power and stamina. These qualities were acknowledged by TAG Heuer, who awarded Abu Azeez – the most valuable Copa Lagos player – with a TAG Heuer Formula 1 watch.

Despite his finale defeats against Spain’s National Team, the Nigerian Super Sand Eagles player delivered a flawless performance during the tournament.

As an increasingly followed event, this was also the occasion for TAG Heuer to celebrate its boutique’s opening in Abuja and several other stores across Lagos.

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