A watch is a precious object to be worn every day.

To accompany you in your daily challenges, TAG Heuer uses innovative and high-performance materials in a constant search for aesthetics and resistance.

The watchmakers in our manufactures use the most avant-garde materials to master every detail and ensure that your watch lasts a lifetime.


Robust and corrosion-resistant: a TAG Heuer steel watch will accompany you on every adventure. We use stainless steel from the 316L family of steels, often used in the high-tech industry. Our alloy has a low carbon content, which makes it particularly resistant to acid-induced corrosion. Whether you are at your sports session or racing on the circuit, your steel timepiece is the ideal companion.


High mechanical performance, exceptional chemical resistance, excellent impact resistance: the properties of carbon echo the avant-garde spirit of TAG Heuer. Both light and resistant, its satin-finished, slightly iridescent appearance varies with the color nuances specific to each watch. The shades, modeled by TAG Heuer, are recreated on each model for a result that is as unique as it is exceptional.


Titanium is known for its strength and lightness. This material is as strong as steel but weighs half as much. Our watchmakers have mastered the manufacture of titanium watches, offering you durable timepieces that are both shock and corrosion-resistant.


Used on the cases, straps, and bezels of TAG Heuer watches, ceramics are characterized by their very high scratch resistance. This wear-resistant material requires specific know-how developed by our manufactures.


With its unique patina and vintage look, bronze reveals itself over time. Over time, the natural effects of oxidation on your watch lends it an exceptional aesthetic value. TAG Heuer has selected this practical and robust material for watches that are ready to resist anything.


Set apart by its unique sparkle, gold is a symbol of luxury and elegance. TAG Heuer uses gold to impart refinement and longevity to your watch. Our watchmakers manufacture these art pieces in Switzerland, and our gold or rose gold watches are both beautiful and strong enough to withstand any environment. TAG Heuer is a member of the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC), guaranteeing that you raw materials are respectful of society and the planet.

Precious stones

TAG Heuer offers an array of watches with precious stones set with care and exceptional know-how. Our diamonds are rigorously selected to create a striking finish, exuding beauty and prestige. TAG Heuer is a member of the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC), guaranteeing that your raw materials are respectful of society and the planet.