The making of a watch is a matter of precision. Much time has already been expended making each component with meticulous care. In order to ensure the utmost quality, all TAG Heuer watches are assembled in a carefully controlled environment where the air is filtered.


The dial and movement are united by pushing the dial feet into the upper surface of the movement. A special automated, state of the art machine is used to position the hands on the movement pivot. This remarkable machine monitors the movement, ensuring the date change is performed precisely at midnight. Once in place, the hands should freely turn when the crown is rotated. At no stage should one hand impede the progress of another.


When the case enters the Assembly Department, it is meticulously checked. The dial and movement, together with the casing ring, are fitted to the inside of the case. Thereafter, the crown and stem are inserted and the movement is then secured with screws. A special screwdriver is used to attach the oscillating weight to the movement. The case back is then closed using a dedicated machine. Each case back is then engraved with its own identifying marks using a laser. The watch is now ready for its final test. Watchmakers use tools to manually affix straps or bracelets to the ‘watch head’. Once again, absolute concentration is needed to avoid scratching any parts and the clasp is checked to ensure it closes securely.