[Name of Vendor]

LVMH Watch & Jewelry Japan K.K.


President Norbert Leuret

[Address of Vendor]

2-1-1 Hirakawacho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 102-0093

[Telephone Number of Vendor]

LVMH Watch & Jewelry Japan LVMH CSL TAG HEUER Customer Support Center 03-5635-7054

Hours of Business: Monday - Friday: 10:00 - 17:00 (not including weekends, holidays, and the New Year period)

[Retail Prices]

The retail price is displayed individually for each product.

[Required Charges Other Than Product Payment]

Delivery: free

COD fee: free

Bank payment fee: borne by the customer (if payment by bank transfer is selected as the method of payment)

[Other Methods]

When purchasing a product, proceed from “Add to Card” on the product details page to the product purchase page. If you have already registered as a member then you will be required to log in.

[Payment Methods]

You may use any of the following payment methods.

Payments made using a debit card or credit card are restricted to use of cards in your own name..

The credit cards that can be used are as follows. The only option for payment is a single lump sum.


The company will bear the costs for COD handling fees.

COD payments can only be used when products are being delivered to the individual who is also placing the order.

They can be used when the purchase price (including consumption tax) is 1 million yen or less.

Please pay the delivery person when your products arrive.

You cannot pay by COD if you collect your products at a store.

[Payment Period]

In the case of paying using a credit card, the payment period will differ depending on the contract dates and contract details of the credit card that you use. Please contact the company supplying the card that you used.

In the case of COD, please pay the delivery person in cash when your products arrive.

In the case of paying by bank transfer, please make the transfer within 10 working days of completing your order.

If you are unable to make the transfer then your order will be cancelled.


Delivery can only be performed domestically in Japan.

The standard number of days for delivery is between 3 and 14 days from receipt of the shipping confirmation, (excluding holidays, the New Year period, and any other holidays as determined by the company).

However, as certain products (Connected Modular) will be assembled for you after placement of your order, they will be sent to you from the company’s studio in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, via the company, within 28 days.

If ordered products have not been received yet or are out of stock, it may not be possible to deliver them within the above timeframes.

If your products do not arrive 10 days after you have placed your order, please contact the TAG HEUER Customer Support Center.

Even if you stipulate a delivery date and time, depending on factors such as traffic conditions and the region in which you live, delivery may be delayed.

If you wish to collect your products from a store, when selecting a delivery method when making your purchase you will be able to stipulate a store from a list of stores.


Products purchased from this online boutique may be returned in accordance with the following stipulations.

If there is any fault or defect with the products purchased from the online boutique, they may be exchanged or returned within 30 days of their arrival. All costs incurred by returning them will be borne by the company.

Even if there are no faults or defects with the products purchased from the online boutique, they may be exchanged or returned within 30 days of their arrival is they are unused and still have all articles, such as product tags, attached. Customized products cannot be returned.


As there are limited number of all products, we may not always be able to fulfill requests.

Minors are not allowed to place orders with this online boutique.

Some products may not be handled or may be out of stock.

Prices may be changed without prior notification.

Thank you for your understanding in all of these matters.

[Personal Information]

Please see the privacy policy on this website.