This privacy policy (the “Policy”) is established by TAG Heuer, Branch of LVMH Swiss Manufactures SA (6A RUE LOUIS-JOSEPH CHEVROLET 2300 LA CHAUX-DE-FONDS SWITZERLAND) and its affiliated companies distributing the TAG Heuer brand (collectively “TAG Heuer”). Should you have any question about the collection and processing of your personal data by TAG Heuer, please contact our Data Protection Officer at mydata@tagheuer.com.

Please read this Policy carefully to understand our policies and practices regarding your personal data and how we will process and treat it. By using a TAG Heuer website or app, by calling TAG Heuer, by ordering in a TAG Heuer boutique or by otherwise giving us your personal data (together “Reaching out”), you agree to this Policy. Overall, we respect the privacy rights of our clients and recognize the importance of protecting the information that is collected about them.


This privacy policy (“policy”) is has been created by the TAG HEUER branch of LVMH Swiss Manufactures SA (6A RUE LOUIS-JOSEPH CHEVROLET 2300 LA CHAUX-DE-FONDS SWITZERLAND), and TAG HEUER brand sales subsidiaries (collectively “ TAG HEUER”). If you have any questions about the acquisition or processing of personal data by TAG HEUER, please contact a member of data protection staff at mydata@tagheuer.com.

Please read this policy carefully, and come to fully understand the policy and practices of our company in regard to our customers’ personal information, and the ways it is processed and handled. Providing TAG HEUER with any personal data via using the TAG HEUER website or app, by calling TAG HEUER, or by ordering from a TAG HEUER boutique (all collectively referred to as “contact”), is taken to having consented with this policy. Overall, the company will respect the right to privacy of our customers, and acknowledges the importance of protecting any acquired information.


When making contact with TAG HEUER, regardless of the method and means, there is the potential for the company to acquire and process specific personal data about you.

This policy applies when you have accessed our company, regardless of the method used or the media involved. This policy not only states the detailed conditions of the acquisition, management, usage, and storage or information relating to customers, but also the options that you have regarding the acquisition, usage, and disclosure of your personal information.

When you make contact with the company, you are consenting to having read this policy, understood it, and to obeying all of the laws and ordinances that it invokes. It also means that you are consenting to having read, understood, and obeying the terms of service that apply to the company’s website.

By making contact with the company, you are giving legally valid consent for all of the data processing as recorded and detailed in this policy. You may rescind this consent at any time, and request that data processing be stopped / data be deleted, but this will not affect the legitimacy of any processing prior to that point. Furthermore, in order to maintain favorable functions upon accessing the company’s website, your personal data may also be processed in other methods as permitted by law.

If you do not consent to this policy, or do not provide the company with any part of the required personal information (this can be corrected by reporting the information in a clear manner on a registration form), (a) please do not use the company’s website or app. You may also be unable to receive the benefits of My TAG HEUER Membership and (b) the company may be unable to provide products and services.

From where is personal data derived?

This policy applies to personal information acquired from the following information sources.

TAG HEUER websites and mobile sites / apps. All mobile sites and apps (including “websites”) operated by TAG HEUER, including all websites operated by TAG HEUER intended for clients, and all smartphone apps intended for clients, and including those sites operating on a unique domain/URL or page operated by a third party social media service such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Email, texts, and other electronic messages. Any electronic communications between you and TAG HEUER (all collectively referred to as “email”).

TAG HEUER Call Center. Any calls made to customer services as operated by TAG HEUER.

TAG HEUER boutiques and workshops. Any stores or workshops operated by TAG HEUER or any company affiliated with TAG HEUER.

The TAG HEUER desk, counter, or booth at a TAG HEUER event, samples fair, or other event, and in particular any questionnaires, surveys, or forms as filled in by customers. Any other online or offline registration form, (for contests, promotions etc.).

Other sources when applicable, including through publicly available information as well as the use of CCTV cameras.


TAG HEUER will acquire and process the following personal data via (i) services provided by TAG HEUER that are used by customers, (ii) sources of processed personal data, and (iii) the selections and composition of customers’ terminals (in particular relating to cookies and other tracers).

a. Data provided by customers.

When making contact with the company, you may be asked to provide the following personal information.

  • Name,
  • Address,
  • Email address,
  • Telephone number,
  • Payment details, including bank account details,
  • Information relating to your interests,
  • Date of birth.

This information will be used for settings and management of your personal TAG HEUER account, your membership status for My TAG HEUER, and/or orders made to TAG HEUER, and will also be used to make contact with you. It will also be used to more accurately identify your tastes and desires in regard to the products provided by the company.

All personal data that is required in order to fulfill the purposes as stated in this policy (see item 5) will be displayed on the various pages of the website with an asterisk and/or underlined as required when you make contact with TAG HEUER. If you do not fill in these required fields, or do not provide this information to the company, there is the possibility that TAG HEUER will be unable to process your requests, and unable to provide the requested products or services. Any other personal information provided by you to the company is purely optional, allowing the company to know you better, and potentially resulting in improvements in communication and services.

Furthermore, data may also be acquired form sources that can be used publically, and this kind of information will be considered to have been imparted by the customer.

Details regarding payments: When payment information is first provided, or when it is updated, it may be transmitted using a third party payment processing program and via an encrypted connection. The delegation of this process has been employed in order to further adhere to security and legal standards.

Email address: The company may use your email address to send you newsletters and emails relating to the company’s products, and inform you of new products or services in which you may be particularly interested. You may use the link provided at the end of each newsletter at any time to request that you stop receiving the newsletters or emails.

Content of emails: When you send an email to the company, all of the information contained within the email may be stored by the company, in order to better answer your inquiries and to provide support for other items.

b. Data acquired through use of the website or relating to emails.

When you access the website and view the site, or when you receive an email from the company and respond, the webserver will automatically record the details of your access and performed operations. This includes your actions on the website or in communications with the website, your actions relating to email, and other information, including but not limited to your IP address, the type of device and type of browser that you are using, pages that you have accessed prior to accessing the website, ID connected to the device that you are using, and other discretionary log information. This information can be analyzed to determine how you are accessing and using the website, and to track the performance of the website and the performance of the services offered on the website.

Positional information: You device (depending upon your settings) may send positional data to the company via a specific website. The company will use this information to customize, modify, and protect the website. For example, your positional information may be used to perform regional language settings or attach a geotag to your posts.

Links to other websites or sources: The company may propose hypertext links from the website to other third party websites or sources on the internet. The company does not manage the privacy practices or their details of any third party, and bears no responsibility for them. In regard to the acquisition and processing of personal information by any third party, please carefully read the privacy policy of the third party in question.

Cookies and equivalent technologies: All of this information and data will be automatically collected, in particular by cookies (performance or tracking cookies, function cookies, technical cookies, browser cookies etc.) and web beacons (see item 3). The company also makes use of Google Analytics (see item 4).

c. Data acquired from social media.

If you agree to share your information and data from third party social media (Facebook, Instagram etc.) with the company, the company will receive all of the data that you have made public on said social media, as well as part of your profile, and any data that you have agreed to share with said social media (name, email address, gender, profile picture, user code, friends and contact list, etc.)

Furthermore, the company will obtain information relating to your profile if you use the social media functions unified into the website, or hold a discussion with the company via social media. It is your exclusive responsibility to remain aware at all times of the terms of service and privacy policy that apply to the third party social media.


3.1 What are Cookies?

“Cookies” are small text files that are saved to your computer or cellphone upon visiting a website. Cookies are widely used in order to allow a website to function, or to allow a website to function more efficiently. Cookies allow the company’s website to recognize your terminal, and aid in remembering information relating to your visit (the language you use, font size, and other settings). Most browsers allow cookies to be managed from the browser settings, and you may reset your browser, reject all cookies, or receive a notification when cookies are sent. See “3.3” below. However, if you choose to reject cookies then some parts of the website may not function correctly.

The company also uses web beacons (also known as “action tags” or “clear GIF technology”), or equivalent technology, in order to count the number of visitors to the site, the number of visitors who clicked upon important buttons on the site, and which webpages they visited, in order to analyze the practical ways in which the website is used.

3.2 Uses of Cookies

The company will make use of cookies to operate the website in accordance with our customers’ desires, allowing for your smooth usage of the navigation and other functions on the site, and to provide you with a seamless experience and provision of related advertising.

The company may collaborate with other companies that place cookies, web beacons, or other tracking technology on websites, in order to collect and receive information from the company’s website or any place on the internet, including social media and advertising networks, and use that information to provide internet usage trends information and targeting advertising.

3.3 Management of Cookie Settings

Most browsers allow cookies to be managed from the browser settings. After consenting to allow the use of cookies by the company, you can rescind that consent at any time by using your browser settings to delete the saved cookies, and then selecting to block all or certain cookies. In regard to how to make these settings, please use your browser’s “Help” function. The links below also display means of management for cookie settings for the most commonly used browsers.

The website www.aboutcookies.org also has comprehensive information about performing settings for each type of browser.

Choosing to block cookies may have an effect on the experience that you have on the website.


There is the possibility that all or part of the website may be using Google Analytics, the internet site analysis service provided by Google Inc. (“Google”). Google Analytics uses text files called “cookies” that are placed on your computer in order to analyze website usage by users. Information relating to your user of the website created by these cookies (and included your IP address) will be sent to Google servers in the USA and stored there. Google will use this information to evaluate the state of use of the website, to create a report accordingly for the site operators regarding use of the site, and to provide other services related to the use of the website and the internet. In the case that Google is legally obliged to do so, or if a third party (and in particular including the issuer of the website) has processed this data for Google, then this data may be disclosed to a third party. Google has made a declaration that your IP address as stored by Google will not be linked with any other data.

As indicated in the above three paragraphs, the suitable selection of parameters by the navigator can negate the use of cookies. However, settings that negate cookies may also prevent certain website functions from being used. The use of the website by you is taken as your consent that Google may process your personal information under the above conditions and for the above purposes.

If you do not want to use Google Analytics with your browser, you may install the Google Analytics browser add-on (https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout). https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout


The company will use data and information acquired from you for the following purposes.

  • In order to provide you with all of the functions of the website.
  • In order to ensure that all of the website functions operate correctly.
  • In order to not only personalize the use of the website, but also to enhance the website and its functions.
  • In order to interactively respond to questions and opinions from you, including notifying you of changes to the company’s services and products.
  • In order to respond to your desires and execute the contract between use in regard to products that you have purchased or received, and in particular relating to repairs performed through customer service.
  • In order to manage your membership / account, including for the company’s online shop, for the purposes of receiving your orders and managing those orders. In particular, to provide you with the best in customer service, and to provide with you all desired information.
  • In the case that it is discovered that anyone is attempting fraud in relation to the company’s products, services, or trademarks, in order to implement fraud prevention and blacklist management. In particular, they may permit, modify, or reject the access of the individual in question to services or products, or the access to communication with TAG HEUER, and will protect the rights of TAG HEUER by contacting the state authorities.
  • To provide you with information relating to the company’s products or promotions, and in particular through the use of newsletters, invitations, and other printed materials, with your consent or within the range of applicable stipulations and terms.
  • In order to take any required measures to prevent in particular fraud or failure to make payments in regard to offline transactions.


The company will, as a general business practice, and without obtaining particular consent from you, obey all legal stipulations and will not retain personal data for a period longer than required for the purposes as stated here. Customer data will be retained / managed for a period no longer than 10 years, (unless legal obligations or stipulations require or permit a longer period of storage). Once the applicable storage period ends, the company will delete your data, and will not contact you without the provision of further information.


Your personal information will be processed by TAG HEUER, a branch of LVMH Swiss Manufactures SA, and by TAG HEUER product or services retail subsidiaries. Personal information will be transferred or shared between TAG HEUER, a branch of LVMH Swiss Manufactures SA, and by TAG HEUER product or services retail subsidiaries in order to manage and optimize customer relations. It will also be transferred or shared with your consent or within the range of applicable laws in order to provide information about the company’s offers and news.

Information may also be transferred as the result of the reorganization of the TAG HEUER organization, including mergers, acquisitions, splits, and any other general reorganization.

Your personal information may also be transferred to the following third parties.

  • Any third party service provider for the website, and in particular IT service suppliers, consultants, and suppliers of website hosting and maintenance services; providers of personal data processing for other third parties as an agent of the company; services provided in relation to post and payment (services executing and completing any orders placed by you on the website); and more generally speaking, and service providers that will be involved when the company makes contact with you.
  • Third party contractors providing products, services, or information desired by you, and third party contractors providing behavior targeting advertising based on information acquired from you and/or information acquired through your use of the website. These include communications providers and payment and fraud management service providers.
  • Individuals or organizations requesting it based in the law or a judicial order. When it is determined to be within the law, to protect the rights of the company, and as reasonably required in order to prevent fraud or any wrongdoing, the company may disclose data to a third party. If the company receives a request from law enforcement or national security in regard to the information, the company shall carefully verify the request, ensuring that it is not unclear, does not encompass too large a range, and is legal. When permitted by law, and as far as reasonably possible, you may be informed that your information has been requested. In either case, the evaluation of such requests and the notification of them are at the discretion of the company, and places no responsibility upon the company from a civil, criminal, or political perspective.

The company may transfer your personal data to a third party only as required in order to provide products and services to you. When doing so, the third party in question will be prohibited from using the data beyond the scope as required for providing you with products and services.

If transfer will be performed across national borders, the company guarantees the suitable protection of personal data being transferred to regions outside of Switzerland and the EEA. In terms of special situations in which this level of protection cannot be guaranteed, your prior consent will be required, a contractual framework established with the party receiving the personal data, or sufficient protection measures taken in order to guarantee a sufficient level of protection. You may acquire a copy of these protection measures by contacting the company.


The company shall, are part of the website design as a default and in order to strictly apply the principles of data protection, maximize restrictions on the processing data, ensure security, and put in place effective organizational and technological measures. In particular, as the default, only that personal data required for processing purposes will be processed by the company, and access to your personal data will be restricted to the uses as described in item 5.

Any payment transactions that include your payment details will be encrypted using SSL technology.


The company will make every effort to provide you with choices regarding the personal data you have provided, and in particular personal data acquired via the website. The management of your personal data will be possible via the following mechanisms.

Concerning cookies and equivalent technologies: You may perform the browser settings as detailed in item 3 and item 4 above in order to reject all or any specific cookies, and to provide warnings when cookies are used.

If you consent to receiving information on TAG HEUER privileges and news, enter a tick in the relevant box on your customer registration sheet, or answer in the affirmative to the TAG HEUER boutique member of staff.

If you do not want to receive this information any more, you may cancel it via the following methods:

  • • by following the instructions provided in every email communication;
  • • through your My TAG Heuer account;
  • by contacting us at mydata@tagheuer.com;
  • or through the CONTACT US page on the TAG Heuer Website.
  • Follow the prescribed steps via email.
  • From the “Inquires” page on the TAG HEUER website.
  • From your “My TAG HEUER” customer account
  • By contacting mydata@tagheuer.com.

Even if you decide not to receive marketing information, you will still receive management based notifications, such as confirmations of orders and other transactions, and confirmation of account activity (account verification, password changes, etc.).


You have the right to access or to request the personal information relating to you that has been processed by the company. If you have a My TAG HEUER membership account, access your account from the website and you may view, alter, or update your personal information at any time. You can also make any of these changes by contacting mydata@tagheuer.com.

You also have the rights to request the following regarding your personal data.

  • To modify or delete your personal information, restricting the processing of it.
  • To transfer the personal information to a third party.
  • A cessation of the processing of the personal data, if the company is relying solely on your consent and has no other legal basis to continue processing the data.
  • To stop using personal data in the creation of your customer profile. If you do so, you will stop receiving offers and service customized to you.
  • To not receive information on offers and news.

In regard to requests for access, modification, and deletion, please contact mydata@tagheuer.com with your own contact details (telephone number or email) included in the message. In some cases you may be asked to provide a form of identification (a copy of a form of photo identification that includes your date of birth and place of birth).

Requests can be made free of charge, unless they are baseless or excessive (for example, requesting personal information multiple times within one 12 month period, or the request requiring substantial man-hours to complete). In other cases, the company may abide by any applicable data protection laws and charge a suitable fee.

If you believe that your personal information have been mishandled, or that the company is not living up to your expectations, please do not hesitate to contact the company


The company may change or update this privacy policy as required. The changed privacy policy come into effect from the moment it is uploaded to the website.


This policy and all items relating to it shall take the substantive law of Switzerland as standard, with no conflict with the law or its principles.

Any disputes, claims, or conflicts arising between you and the company as a result of this policy will obey the jurisdiction of the courts of Neuchatel, Switzerland in all cases, and all parties provide irrevocable consent to abide by the court of jurisdiction and its location.


For inquires or requests relating to your personal information, please contact a member of our data protection staff (mydata@tagheuer.com).

The European Union (EU) representative for TAG HEUER, a branch of LVMH Swiss Manufactures SA, is as follows: LVMH Montres & Joaillerie SAS – 7 rue Scribe – 75009 Paris (France)