TAG Heuer Website Terms & Conditions

This document (together with the documents we refer to on it) tells you information about us and the legal terms and conditions (“Terms”) on which we sell any of the products (“Products”) on our website (our “site”) to you. These Terms apply to any contract between us for the sale of Products to you (“Contract”).

Please read these Terms carefully and make sure that you understand them before ordering any Products from our site.

By ordering any of our Products, you acknowledge being 18 years old or older and you agree to be bound by these Terms and the other documents referred to in these Terms. Please print a copy of these Terms for future reference.

We amend these Terms from time to time as set out in clause 6. Every time you order Products from this site, please check these Terms to ensure you understand the terms which will apply at that time.



This page (including any documents it references) details information on the company and the legal terms (“these terms”) pertaining to the retail of products (“the company’s products”) by the company from the company’s website (“the company’s site”) to customers. These terms apply to all retail contracts (“contracts”) for the company’s products between the company and customers. Prior to using the company’s site to order any of the company’s products, please read these terms carefully and obtain a thorough understanding of them.

When placing an order for the company’s products, confirmation will be made that you are over 20 years of age, and you will be taken to have consented to both these terms and any other documents referenced by these terms. It is recommended that you print out these terms for future reference.

The company may, in accordance with the stipulations of article 6, alter these terms at any time. Each time you order any of the company’s products from the company’s site you should check these terms again, and made sure you understand the conditions that will apply to each specific transaction.


1.1. “The company” is the TAG HEUER Division of LVMH Watch & Jewelry Japan K.K., which has its HQ at 2-1-1 Hirakawacho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, and is registered as company number 0100-01-004630 with the Tokyo Legal Affairs Bureau in Japan. The company operates the website www.tagheuer.com/eu-au.

1.2. The company can be reached in the following ways.

  • (a) Email: [hyperlink to the inquiries form] (or);
  • (b) Telephone: 03-5635-7054.


2.1. The descriptions on the company’s site of the company’s products are intended only as a general outline, and the photos of the company’s products are also only for descriptive purposes. The company makes every possible effort to ensure that the descriptions on the company’s site of the company’s products are as accurate as possible, (including but not restricted to the size, weight, capacity, and dimensions of the company’s products), and also takes every possible effort to ensure that the colors are correctly displayed, but the descriptions are only an outline, and no guarantees are made that the colors as displayed on the company’s site are an entirely accurate representation of the colors of the company’s products.

2.2. The packaging of the company’s products may differ from the images of any packaging found on the company’s site.

2.3. The company’s products as shown on the company’s site will only be available if they are actually in stock. If the company’s products that you have ordered are not in stock, you will be informed as quickly as possible via email. If the company’s products that you have ordered are not in stock then your order will not be processed.


3.1. The company will use any personal information provided by you to the company in accordance with the company’s privacy policy as found here tagheuer.com/privacy-policy, and only for those purposes as indicated in the privacy policy. As the privacy policy includes important terms that apply to all customers, please make sure to also read it.


4.1. Our customers, as consumers, retain legal rights in regard to any defects or discrepancies from the explanations in regard to the company’s products as sold by the company on the company’s site. None of the stipulations in these terms have any influence on our customers’ legal rights.


5.1. In regard to the company’s ordering procedures, you may confirm the content of an order and make any changes to it prior to sending the order. Prior to sending the order, please read and confirm its content. If you discover any errors in an order that you have already sent to the company, please contact [hyperlink to inquiries form] or [telephone number] as quickly as possible in order to correct it. The company will do everything possible to correct the order prior to it being processed, but makes no guarantees that the order will be corrected.

5.2. After you have sent an order, an email will be sent by the company indicating that your order has been received. This order confirmation does not mean that the company has accepted your order. Once your order has been accepted, you will receive an email from the company confirming the shipping of the company’s products (“shipping confirmation”). The contract between the customer and the company is concluded at the point that the shipping confirmation is sent to the customer by the company.

5.3. If the company is unable to provide you with the company’s products (if the company’s products are not in stock, is retail of them has ended, if there was an error with the prices displayed on the company’s site, etc.) the company shall inform you via email, and will not process your order. If you have already completed payment for the company’s products, the company will refund the full amount as quickly as possible, and in every circumstance within 14 days of having sent you the original email notification of the issue.


6.1. The company may change these terms at any time. Prior to using the company’s site to purchase any of the company’s products, please be sure to read these terms of service carefully.

6.2. Each time that you order the company’s products, the version of these terms that is in effect at the time of the order shall be the one applied to the contract between you and the company.

6.3. When the company changes these terms, the version of these terms from after the changes will not be applied to any orders that you have already placed.


7.1. The company wishes for all of our customers to be satisfied with their orders. Apart from the exceptions below, if you are unsatisfied with your order for any reason at all, the company will accept returns within 30 days of the arrival of the company’s products, with the company bearing the costs for the return.

7.2. If you desire to return the company’s products, follow the return procedure included with the company’s products or perform the procedure on [link to the returns page].

7.3. Returns of the company’s products must include the original receipt, be unused and in a new state, include all the company’s products’ packaging and protective materials, and have all tags attached.

7.4. If the company’s products have degraded in any way, have been used, or have been changed from their original state, then the return may not be accepted.

7.5. Any of the company’s products that have been personalized cannot be returned, and returns for exchange or for refund will not be accepted.

7.6. In regard to desired watch bracelet adjustments, they shall be limited to those performed by the company or a TAG HEUER official retailer, and should be returned with all of the links that were originally sent to you.


8.1. Delivery and handling charges will be borne by the company. The company will always use a trustworthy home delivery provider in order to deliver your products. Depending on the country of origin for your order, please note that it may take 1-7 calendar days from receipt of your shipping confirmation to the delivery of your items.

8.2 For details of the delivery and the tracking of any packages, please check the confirmation email received from the company’s delivery provider.


9.1. The price of the company’s products is the price as displayed on the company’s site at any time. In regard to any errors with the prices on the company’s site, please see 9.4 below.

9.2. The price of the company’s products may be changed at any time. Any changes to the company’s products on the company’s site will not influence any orders for the company’s products that have already been confirmed with you by the company.

9.3. The price of the company’s products include consumption tax as determined by the Japanese tax rate at the time. However, if the consumption tax rate changes in the period between the date of your order and the shipping of your order, the rate of consumption tax that you will be pay will be adjusted, apart from those cases in which your full payment for the company’s products has been made prior to the change to the consumption rate tax.

9.4. The company’s site includes a large number of the company’s products. While the company will make every practical effort, the prices for some of the company’s products on the company’s site may be indicated incorrectly. When such a mistake with any price is clear and incontrovertible, and a customer could be reasonably expected to realize that the displayed price is a mistake, the company has no responsibility to provide you with the company’s products at the mistaken (lower) price. Under these circumstances, the company will inform you that there is a mistake with the price, and inquire as to whether you wish to continue with the purchase using the correct price for the company’s products, or if you wish to cancel your order. The company will not process your order until directions are received from you. If contact cannot be made using the contact details entered when completing the order, the order will be considered to have been cancelled, and you will be notified in writing.


10.1. Prices on the company’s site are displayed in Japanese yen.

10.2. Payment for the company’s products can be performed using a debit card or credit card. You are taken to have consented at the point of purchase to pay for the full amount of the order that you have placed, either by credit card, debit card, or another means as approved by the company.

  • (a) Payment for the company’s products is to be made in advance;
  • (b) We accept bank wire transfer for orders on our online TAG Heuer boutique. In the process of wire transfer, the order will not be processed until the payment has been received and confirmed by us by e-mail. After placing your order, payment should be credited into our bank account within seven days. If your payment has not reached our bank account within seven days, your order may be cancelled.

10.3. In regard to some of the company’s products that can be purchased on the company’s site, additional terms displayed to you by the company upon purchase may apply.

10.4. If payment is not made to the company by the payment period, the company may:

  • (a) Immediately cancel the contract between the company and you. The company will inform you in writing that the contract has been cancelled. Furthermore,
  • (b) In regard to the delayed payment, the company may apply interest of 3% plus the base loan interest rate as used by the company’s bank at the time. This late payment interest will occur daily from the payment period through until the day the delayed payment is actually paid, regardless of when the decision is made to charge it. Please pay the late payment interest alongside the delayed payment.

10.5. If you have a good-faith dispute regarding a payment made to the company, and if you inform the company of the fact immediately after making the payment, the stipulations of item 10.4 (b) do not apply during the period of the dispute.


11.1. If the company violates these terms, the company will bear responsibility to the customer for any foreseeable loses or damages incurred by the company’s violation of these terms, but will not bear responsibility for any unforeseeable loses or damages incurred.

11.2. The company provides the company’s products for personal use. You agree that you are not using the company’s products for commercial, business, or resale purposes, and the company will not be responsible for any of your loss of profits, loss of transactions, cancelled transactions, or loss of business opportunities.

11.3. Including but not limited to error, under no circumstances will the company and any companies related to the company, their representatives, officers, employees, stockholders, agents, or content or service providers (hereafter “protected parties”) bear any responsibility for direct or indirectly caused indirect, special, attached, or derivative, or punitive damages resulting from the company’s products. Under no circumstances will the total amount for which the protected parties’ are responsible due to damages, losses, or causes of action (regardless of whether being contractual or due to unlawful acts, and including but not limited to error) resulting from these terms or from the company’s products as ordered on the company’s site exceed the value that was paid to the company in order to purchase the company’s products via the company’s site.

11.4. Under the following circumstances, the company’s responsibilities will not be exempted or restricted.

  • (a) Loss of life or personal injury caused by the company’s error;
  • (b) Fraud or fraudulent displays;
  • (c) Items for which the law does not allow restriction or exemption.


12.1. The company will take no responsibility for failure to execute or a delay in executing contractual obligations resulting from acts or reasons that the company cannot be reasonably expected to control, (“reasons beyond the company’s control”).

12.2. If any reasons beyond the company’s control occur that are going to influence the execution of the company’s contractual obligations:

  • (a) The company shall inform the customer as quickly as is reasonably possible of this fact,
  • (b) While the reasons beyond the company’s control are in effect, the company’s contractual obligations will cease, and the period for the execution of the company’s contractual obligations will be extended accordingly. If the reasons beyond the company’s control will also influence the delivery of the company’s products to you, once the reasons beyond the company’s control are resolved a new delivery date will be set.


If any faults are found with the company’s products as ordered from or supplied by the company’s site, please contact the company via (hyperlink to the inquires form) within 30 days after the discovery of the fault. A member of the TAG HEUER customer service team will contact you with the procedure to follow. The company will, at the company’s discretion and expense, accept a return of the company’s products suffering from the fault, or exchange for new company’s products. With the exception of the previously detailed return or exchange, the company will bear no responsibility for any damages or losses incurred due to said fault


14.1. Within the maximum extent of the law, the company disclaims all clear or implied guarantees or assertions relating to the company’s products as ordered from or supplied by the company’s site. The company disclaims all clear or implied assertions or guarantees made in the text pertaining to the company’s products, the text pertaining to frequently asked questions, and in any contact with the company’s site, the company, or any agent of the company, and the customer is to abandon such guarantees.

14.2. Within the maximum extent of the law, the company will provide the company’s products as ordered from or supplied by the company’s site “as is.” However, this exemption will not apply within the range of the warranty as provided by the company or the manufacturer of the company’s products, as indicated on the package supplied to the company or to the customer, as stated on the company’s site, or as decided in writing between the customer and the company or the company’s licenser or supplier.useremo le e-mail oppure una lettera preaffrancata all’indirizzo indicato dall’utente nell’ordine.


15.1. “In writing,” as stated in these terms, includes the use of email.

15.2. Methods of contacting the company, for any reason, shall be as follows.

  • (a) [Hyperlink to the inquires form]
  • (b) Tel: 03-5635-7054.

15.3. Any contact or notification made to you from the company will be performed during either email or pre-paid mail to the address you provided to the company with your order.


16.1. The company may transfer the company’s rights and obligations under this contract to another organization, but this does not influence the rights of the customer or the obligations of the company as stated in these terms.

16.2. The customer may, only after receiving prior agreement from the company in writing, transfer the customer’s rights or obligations as stated in these terms to another party.

16.3. This contract is between the customer and the company. Apart from in those instances stipulated in this section, item 16, those parties not involved in this contract have no rights to execute any of the stipulations of this contract. The right of the applicable parties to consent to the ending or rescinding of this contract, or any changes, abandonment, or resolution, do not take the consent of any other party as a condition.

16.4. Each of the stipulations of these terms is applied individually. Even if a court or competent authority determines any of these stipulations to be illegal or unable to be executed, the other stipulations shall remain in full effect.

16.5. Even if the company does not require the customer to execute their obligations as stated in these terms, or if the company does not execute the rights of the company in regard to the customer, or delays that execution, that does not mean that the company has abandoned their rights in regard to the customer, and does not mean that the customer must not respect these obligations. If the company is to abandon any defaults by the customer then it will be done in writing, and this abandonment in writing does not mean that the company has naturally abandoned any further defaults by the customer.

16.6. These terms are based in Japanese law. This means that any disputes or claims (including non-contractual disputes or claims) arising from contracts relating to purchases of the company’s products via the company’s site, this contract, or relating to this contract, are to be resolved based in Japanese law. The customer and the company agree that the Tokyo courts will have exclusive jurisdiction in the first instance.


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