TAG Heuer Shield Pro

Pro Performance EWTHSSP000

Crafted for cyclers and runners, the Shield Pro sunglasses combine injected recycled graphite and bio nylon for robustness and lightness. Fit for any adventure, its ventilated, hingeless design and interchangeable lenses bring clarity and comfort on the go.

$ 490,00

TAG Heuer Shield Pro

$ 490,00

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Graphite Elegance

Experience the perfect blend of lightness and strength with recycled graphite construction, ensuring durability and comfort for active lifestyles.

Expansive Clarity

Bio nylon lenses in striking grey with a Sunset purple flash ensure wide eye coverage, while the Base 5 and 7 custom-made lens design offers superior vision protection.

Packaging Redefined

These sporty, versatile sunglasses come in compact, space-efficient packaging crafted from recycled materials, ensuring minimal impact during transit. An extra lens is offered with a dedicated lens holder.

TAG Heuer Shield Pro

Technical specifications

Material Injected recycled graphite

Color Graphite black

Nose pads material Rubberized bio nylon

Nose pads features Interchangeable

Material Injected recycled graphite

Color Graphite black

Color Sunset Purple

Coating Multilayer INFRARED with antidirt/hydrophobic coating

Material Bio nylon

Category CAT. 3

Size 151 mm

Curve Double base 5 to 7

Authentic and
certified watches