How to take care of your watch

On your wrist, your TAG Heuer watch is a witness to your daily performance.

Our watchmakers and TAG Heuer experts have established several recommendations to preserve your watch's aesthetics and mechanism.

Taking care of your watch on a daily basis

Clean the metal bracelets and all watertight cases with a soft brush using clear water and soap. Use a soft cloth for drying.

Protect your watch by avoiding exposure to high magnetic fields, such as those produced by telephones, speakers, magnetic tablet cases, etc.

We recommend that you have your watch and automatic movement fully serviced every 5 years or so to ensure accurate timekeeping.

Putting away and storing your watch

If you do not regularly wear your self-winding watch, we recommend that you wind the spring regularly. You can wind it by turning the crown - unscrewed or in neutral position - about 40 times. Alternatively, you use an automatic watch winder. This will ensure that the lubricating oil in the movement remains fluid.

In the case of a Quartz watch, we recommend that you do not leave an inoperative battery in your watch if you are storing it for an extended period. If your watch stops, if the EOL system ("End of Life": the second hand starts making four-second jumps in four seconds to indicate the end of battery life) is triggered, or if it is stored for a long time, contact a TAG Heuer service center to remove the battery while guaranteeing your watch's water-resistance.

Activities to avoid

Beware of chemicals by avoiding direct contact with solvents, detergents, perfumes, and cosmetics. These can damage the bracelet, case, or gaskets.

Preserve your leather strap by limiting contact with water, oils, or cosmetics as much as possible so as not to discolor and deform it. Similarly, prolonged exposure to light will change its color, making your leather unique.

After exposure to seawater, rinse your watch using clear water and dry it with a soft cloth.

Our use recommendations

Your TAG Heuer watch benefits from features that are specific to each collection. To help you discover your pieces, our watchmakers offer guidance on the most common functions.

Our maintenance services

Some maintenance operations require specific equipment and craftsmanship. The watchmakers and experts working in our approved service centers are skilled and equipped accordingly. For these operations, we recommend that you contact our Customer Care team to arrange all practical details.

The TAG Heuer Warranty

Every new TAG Heuer watch comes with a 2-year international warranty.

Each service comes with a 1-year international warranty.

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