2015 to Current 

Connecting Past and Future

TAG Heuer leverages its rich portfolio of historic watches, by developing and incorporating today’s leading-edge technologies.  

Whether the enthusiast prefers a silicon chip, a tourbillon or a carbon hairspring, their watch connects TAG Heuer’s past and future.


The Connected Watch

In November 2015, TAG Heuer introduced the first Swiss luxury smartwatch, the TAG Heuer Connected watch. Residing in a TAG Heuer Carrera-style case, the Connected watch incorporated newly-developed technology from partners Intel and Google. Purchasers would be able to exchange the Connected watch for a TAG Heuer Carrera with a traditional mechanical movement. The Connected Modular series (2017) allows the wearer to switch the smartwatch module to an automatic watch module, using the same strap and lugs.


The Autavia Returns

In March 2017, the style of the new Autavia had been selected by enthusiasts, choosing between 16 classic Autavia models in the “Autavia Cup” competition. Limited Editions of the Autavia have marked Jack Heuer’s 85th birthday and paid tribute to Swiss Formula One hero Jo Siffert, while other models have used color schemes from the “Viceroy” and “Orange Boy” Autavias. In September 2017, TAG Heuer collaborated with its community of vintage collectors to present exhibitions in 10 cities around the world. There were over 400 watches on display, half from the TAG Heuer Museum and half from individual collectors. Each city had its own theme, ranging from cars and drivers, to military watches, to sailing and diving.


The Fragment TAG Heuer Carrera

The limited-edition Fragment Design TAG Heuer Carrera marked the debut of the Heuer 02 in-house movement in a TAG Heuer Carrera case. This movement uses the 3-6-9 layout of Heuer’s classic 1960s chronographs, and delivers 80 hour power reserve. Designed by street wear legend Hiroshi Fujiwara, the Fragment Design TAG Heuer Carrera drew inspiration from a rare three-register TAG Heuer Carrera produced in 1968.


Monaco 50th Anniversary

The mark the 50th anniversary of the Monaco, TAG Heuer offered a series of five limited edition models, each reflecting the style of a decade. There was Olive Green for the 1970s, Victory Red for the 1980s, Industrial Gray for the 1990s, Black and White for the 2000s, and Deep Gray for the 2010s.