TAG Heuer Line

Sport Performance EWTHSLI001

Experience the fusion of style and endurance with these LINE sunglasses. Their navy blue carbon fiber and titanium build blend style and resilience. Enhanced with Dyneema® cable and bio-nylon lenses, they empower you to face your challenges with absolute clarity.

$ 600,00

TAG Heuer Line

$ 600,00

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Elegance in Navy Blue

The combination of long carbon fiber and titanium in semi-matte navy blue offers a unique aesthetic that's both robust and stylish.

Green Flash Clarity

Light grey bio-nylon lenses with a Boreal green flash, enhanced by TAG Heuer SPECTA technology, provide optimal protection and clear vision in any setting.

Streamlined and Sustainable

The compact packaging, crafted from recycled materials, demonstrates the Maison’s innovative approach to sustainability and design efficiency.

TAG Heuer Line

Technical specifications

Material Injected long fiber carbon

Color Semi matte carbon navy blue

Hinge material Titanium

Bridge size 21 mm

Bridge color Matte titanium / Denier black

Nose pads material Rubberized bio natural fiber

Nose pads features Adjustable

Material Injected long fiber carbon

Color Semi matte carbon navy blue

Length 145 mm

Color Boreal Green

Coating Multilayer GREEN with antidirt/hydrophobic coating

Material Bio nylon

Category CAT. 3

Size 53 mm

Curve 4

Authentic and
certified watches