The Edge is a series of conversations with extraordinary people operating at the edge of possibility. It’s about the thin line between taking part and tipping into victory; it’s about what gives us our edge and what we can do to go beyond it.

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Sergio Perez - Episode 10

Episode #11

Ideas from Formula 1 driver Sergio Perez

Let's catch up with Sergio Perez, the young Mexican Formula 1 driver currently driving for Red Bull Racing. Known as “Checo” to his fans, Sergio got an early start on the racetrack, first taking the wheel of a go-kart at age 6. Sergio has since secured many big firsts for his home country, becoming the first Mexican driver to take a podium finish on his home turf. In this episode, Sergio shares his personal wisdom about learning from mistakes, setting your sights on the future, and always enjoying an adrenaline rush.

Arthur Guérin-Boëri - Episode 9

Episode #10

Deep-thinking with freediver Arthur Guérin-Boëri

Our guest is french freediver Arthur Guérin-Boëri. In March 2021 Guérin-Boëri smashed the world record for longest under-ice swim with a single breath by swimming 120 metres in Lake Sonnen in Finland, and when we spoke he was already preparing for his next challenge. In this truly inspirational conservation the Frenchman talks about sports therapy, the eternal quest for well-being, and Le Grand Bleu.

Ali Krieger and Ashlyn Harris - Episode 8

Episode #8

Changing the game with Ali Krieger and Ashlyn Harris

Let's tackle the big issues of the day with two-time World Cup champions Ali Krieger and Ashlyn Harris, and dive into what keeps them inspired and ambitious. In this episode the pair open up about risking it all to live authentically, becoming new parents in an imperfect world, and why making meaningful connections with people is just as important as winning titles.

Neel Jani and Derek Bell - Episode 7

Episode #7

Neel Jani and Derek Bell, live from Porsche at Le Mans 2021

Our guests are Swiss superstar Neel Jani as he competes in the FIA World Endurance Championship and 24 Hours of Le Mans for Porsche, and Derek Bell, the British racing legend who won Le Mans five times, as well as the Daytona 24 three times and the World Sportscar Championship twice. The pair talk about starting out, simulators, and their passion for Porsche. Your host for this special podcast edition live from the Porsche garage at Le Mans is none other than Nicholas Biebuyck, Heritage Director at TAG Heuer. Watch out - this is The Edge.

Maya Gabeira - Episode 6

Episode #6

Reaching new heights with record-breaking surfer Maya Gabeira

Let's talk frankly with Brazilian Big Wave surfer and two-time World Record holder Maya Gabeira about what lies beneath the surface when riding some of the world’s biggest waves. We discuss the importance of perseverance, the rewards of hope, and why sharing her story is as important as smashing any record.

Kai Lenny - Episode 5

Episode #5

Big ideas from Big Wave surfer Kai Lenny

Let's dive deep with waterman Kai Lenny, pro surfer and eight-time SUP World Champion, whose first name means “ocean” in Hawaiian. He talks about being a product of his environment and wanting to protect that very same environment, as well as what it feels like to be a professional surfer who travels the world catching big waves.

Félix Auger-Aliassime - Episode 4

Episode #4

Deep shots with Félix Auger-Aliassime

Our guest is Félix Auger-Aliassime, one of today’s most accomplished young tennis stars. In our conversation, we explore Félix’s childhood, an early start with the sport and what it takes — each and every day — to be at the top of his game.

Tommy Fleetwood - Episode 3

Episode #3

Insights to keep you on par with Tommy Fleetwood

Let's hit the putting green with a bonafide and long-maned golf sensation, talking inspiration, family, hard work and what it’s like overall to walk a mile in a pair of golf shoes. Tommy Fleetwood, a four-time European Tour winner, takes us through the highs and lows, the pressures and payoffs of the professional sporting life.

Christian Horner - Episode 2

Episode #2

Christian Horner, Team Principal of the Red Bull Racing Formula One team

Our guest Christian Horner, Team Principal of the Red Bull Racing Formula One team, takes us behind the scenes of an 8-world-title-winning F1 team. We discussed what gives a great driver their ‘drive’ and found out how the world of Formula One has weathered the 2020 storm.

Patrick Dempsey - Episode 1

Episode #1

Patrick Dempsey

Let's go 0-80pmh with the astronomically talented, Hollywood-leading-man-turned-racing-driver Patrick Dempsey, discussing his unlikely career gear-shift, the first car that caught his eye, and the power of humility and hardwork in high-octane sports.