This is the last part of your Wellness tutorial. Learn more about how your Wellness app works and configure it according to your needs.


Open Settings

To access your Wellness settings, open the app by pressing the bottom button on your watch, and swipe up or turn the crown to scroll through the stats. On the last view, tap on the ‘Settings’ button to manage your goal notifications, activity tracking, as well as data sharing.


Manage goals notifications

Your Wellness app displays a short animation on your watch when you reach your step and calorie goals. To turn this option on or off, tap the 'Notifications' button, then slide the switch to the right to track your achievements, or to the left to stop being notified.


Enable or disable activity tracking

Monitoring allows your Wellness app to collect your step count and heart rate daily to provide statistics on your activity. By disabling activity tracking, you will no longer be able to use your Wellness app. To manage your activity tracking, tap ‘Monitoring’ then toggle the switch to ON or OFF.


Improve your Wellness experience

For the purpose of developing and improving its services, TAG Heuer Connected collects the data produced by the Wellness app. This data is not nominative and no personal information is recorded or shared with third parties. The statistics collected are intended to outline trends and spot the emerging needs of our users. To enable or disable sharing of your Wellness usage statistics, tap 'Analytics' and toggle the switch on or off.


Manage analytics from your app

Wellness usage data sharing can also be set up from your phone. Open your Connected app and tap the settings icon at the bottom right of your screen. Swipe up and enter the ‘Privacy’ menu; and commute the switch in front of ‘Send diagnostics and usage analytics’.