TAG Heuer Connected x Super Mario Limited Edition

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This TAG Heuer Connected x Super Marion Limited Edition is sold out. Discover our new collaboration unveiled on October 13th 2022 TAG Heuer Formula 1 x Mario Kart.

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The Super Mario animated watchface is now available on all TAG Heuer Connected 3rd Generation!

FEEL THE THRILL OF PROGRESS Unlock new animations and reach your step goals with surprise twists.

25% Achieved Mario grows bigger and stronger when he gets a Super Mushroom!

A watch like no other A playful design for an iconic and active character

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The Crown

A signature design, crafted down to most eye-catching details. For an ultimate tribute, the M symbol of Mario is engraved on the crown in red lacquer.

The Straps

Two interchangeable straps pay tribute to Mario’s Red iconic color: a sporty red rubber version and a black leather on red rubber bracelet. The M symbol of Mario engraved on the crown and buckles adds extra elegance.


Step into the iconic universe of Super Mario. Along with its striking red highlights, the bezel also features Mario’s elements: the Super Mushroom, the Pipe, and the Super Star.

The Super Mario animated watchface is now available on all TAG Heuer Connected 3rd Generation!

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Sold Out

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