The exhilaration of extreme sports


It’s officially Action O’Clock at TAG Heuer. We’re ready to dive into a new era of extreme sports and share the sensation of amazing athletes all over the world pushing their limits and going above and beyond – and under, through, in between, around and pretty much every way imaginable – the limits of strength and stamina.

One year after the release of Don't Crack Under Pressure - Season 2, Thierry Donard brings us the final part of his trilogy. The culmination of a saga in which friendship and sharing reach their highest heights. La Nuit de la Glisse is entering a new era, exploring new disciplines, documenting the passing on of values between two generations of riders, the ultimate homage to athletes that have left their mark on their sports through their achievements.

Goodbyes for some, picking up the relay for others. The soundtrack plunges the audience even deeper into the action and the sumptuous landscapes. Over 90 minutes, they will live an authentic experience full of emotion, and strong, profound sensations. Producer Thierry Donard gets up close and personal with these extraordinary characters thanks to his skilful camerawork. A film shot for the big screen in 4K Cinémascope, for a complete cinema experience and deep immersion in the world of boardsports.

""Don't Crack Under Pressure - Season 2", focused on friendship, sharing and bonds created between individuals from different cultures. Season 3 has the same focus but also looks at the difficulties these men and women face. Sometimes sacrificing material gain for a profound sense of joy, never giving in to vanity and staying humble in the face of success."  Thierry Donard

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Discover a timepiece from the movie, as resilient as versatile. 

La Nuit de la Glisse - TAG Heuer

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