December 07, 2017


With a 40-feet fresco and the customization of its limited edition’s 300 straps, Alec Monopoly brands Miami with street art.

Thrilled by Alec Monopoly’s ever-growing and audacious work, TAG Heuer celebrates the Miami Art Week with him, including his first year as the brand’s Art Provocateur.

With his face hidden behind a mask, the Art Provocateur brought his spray-paints to the TAG Heuer Boutique, at the heart of the Miami Design District for an unprecedented art performance.

Under the glance of privileged guests, the street artist painted the white rubber strap of the 300 TAG Heuer Connected Modular 45 limited edition, dedicated to him.

Available at the end of the month in special packaging, each timepiece is unique and printed with Alec Monopoly’s creativity. The Connected Watch also displays a pre-embarked dial, specially designed by the famous street artist, faithful to his so very unique signature.

Not far from the Boutique, Alec Monopoly took on big measures to impose its style too. Very big. The Art Provocateur painted his famous businessman: Monopoly Man. A 40-foot fresco spray-painted on the main façade of the Fontainebleau Hotel at Miami Beach.

“I am thrilled to return to Miami and celebrate the one year anniversary of my announcement as Art Provocateur for TAG Heuer”, said Alec Monopoly. “It’s exciting to celebrate the occasion with new artwork that depicts both my love of timepieces and the vibrant energy of South Beach.”


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