The finishing of our watches

TAG Heuer watches boast exceptional finishes.

Our know-how enables us to create high precision timepieces with a refined and perfectly controlled aesthetic.

Each of our finishes is essential to a watch's movement or to transform the raw material into a timepiece.

Our skilled watchmakers carry out each stage of the art of finishing in our manufactures, some of which are located in the Swiss Jura.


TAG Heuer watches are polished using a double process: a first polishing is carried out using high-tech equipment, guaranteeing absolute regularity. Our watchmakers then carry out a second polishing by hand, lending a luxurious shine to the pieces and creating a soft surface.


The satin-finishing of a watch is a delicate operation. It requires exceptional craftsmanship and mastery to obtain a silky finish. The reflection of light on a satin-finished watch highlights the features and design of the piece. It makes each piece less sensitive to micro scratches than other finishes.


Our fine-brushed watches have a matt finish and are scratch-resistant. This technique requires unique watchmaking know-how, which TAG Heuer has developed in its manufactures.

PVD coating

Aesthetic and resistant finishes adapted to all lifestyles. TAG Heuer adds a thin titanium carbide coating to steel through the process of PVD coating. Unlike a conventional electrolytic or chemical process, a metal vapor is condensed in a partial vacuum to form this titanium carbide coating