Welcome to your golf environment.

TAG Heuer Golf is a key app to record your rounds, track your performance and get statistics on your game.

Associate it with your TAG Heuer Connected* watch for quick and easy access to shot and score logging, automatic detection of your drive shots and accurate stroke length measurement using your watch GPS.


TAG Heuer Golf on your mobile

With Golf app, download your course and get support throughout the round with 3D hole modeling, satellite view of the course, distance to green and shot length measure, players scorecards, score computing and handicap calculation. Beginners can enjoy club and stroke recommendations.

Back from the course, view your round and watch your progress by consulting your statistics and game history, comparing your drive shots and visualizing your stroke trajectories.


*TAG Heuer Golf app is compatible with TAG Heuer Connected watches Calibre E2 model and later generations. The application can be used standalone, except for the features involving the watch use.


Check your phone compatibility

Before downloading TAG Heuer Golf, make sure the app is compatible with your phone.

TAG Heuer Golf is available for mobile phones running iOS 14+ and Android 8+ . Your system version can be found in your phone settings.


Enable Bluetooth sharing

Bluetooth provides connectivity between your watch and TAG Heuer Golf app.

It is essential for data synchronization between your two devices: courses downloaded via your mobile app will thus be directly accessible on your watch, and rounds recorded with your watch will be automatically saved on your phone.

On your TAG Heuer Connected, swipe down from your watch face and check that the Bluetooth logo is displayed under the Quick Settings.

In case it does not appear, touch the gear icon to open the watch Settings, go to Connectivity, tap Bluetooth and set the switch to ON (the dot should be red).


Download TAG Heuer Golf

Go to the App Store or the Google Play Store to download TAG Heuer Golf.

Launch the app when installation is complete.


Log in to TAG Heuer account

If you already have a TAG Heuer ID, tap 'Sign In', enter your email and password and touch ‘Sign in’ again to log in.

To connect to TAG Heuer Golf with an Apple or Google account, tap 'More options', then 'Continue with Apple’ or ‘Continue with Google’, and finally select your email address in the prompt. Your account information (name, date of birth and gender) is imported into TAG Heuer Golf.


Create a TAG Heuer account

If you don't have a TAG Heuer account yet and want to create one, touch 'Create new TAG Heuer ID'. This account will also allow you to sign in to TAG Heuer Connected app on your smartphone as well as to TAG Heuer website.

Type the email address you wish to connect with, choose a password and press the 'Continue' button.

Finally, fill in your name, date of birth and gender, and tap 'Complete your Profile' to finish your registration. A confirmation email will be sent to your address.


Check watch pairing

Once signed in, you are redirected to your Golf profile. To find out if your Connected watch is paired with TAG Heuer Golf app, tap the watch icon at the bottom right of your screen. 'Watch connected' appears under 'My watch' when it is synchronized.

Your watch may take a minute to pair when first connected. If you do not want to wait, or if pairing is still not effective after this time, quit the app and proceed as described in the next step.


Control connectivity between your watch and phone

To check connectivity, open either Wear OS by Google or TAG Heuer Connected.

If your watch is synced, ‘Connected via Bluetooth’ can be read on Wear OS by Google home page and ‘Connected watch’ is displayed on the watch faces tab in TAG Heuer Connected. Then reopen TAG Heuer Golf and verify in the Watch tab (see Step 6) that your watch is synced.

If your watch is not connected in Wear OS by Google and TAG Heuer Connected, you need to pair it again before returning to your Golf app.