Liu Haoran has garnered widespread acclaim for his exceptional acting skills and distinctive style, making him a leading figure among the younger generation of Chinese actors.

“TAG Heuer has a rich heritage in watchmaking, consistently leading in innovation. Its connection to motorsports is also profoundly appealing to me.”

Liu Haoran
casual yet confident

Pursuit of excellence

Liu Haoran crafted numerous impressive and iconic characters on the silver screen. Known for his casual yet confident demeanor, passion for sports, and relentless pursuit of excellence, Liu Haoran embodies traits that resonate with TAG Heuer's values.

fresh vitality

In the first advertising campaign of the partnership, Liu Haoran is wearing the new TAG Heuer Carrera Chronograph Year of the Dragon.



As the 2024 Chinese New Year approaches, TAG Heuer joins forces with the new brand ambassador from China to present this unique timepiece that combines the richness of Chinese culture and the brand's racing DNA, symbolizing a new journey for the brand in China.

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Shared-passion for motosports

Liu Haoran’s connection with TAG Heuer may have been destined when he chose "Turbo" as his English name. The original meaning of Turbo refers to an essential component in high-performance engines, especially in racing cars. This choice serves as a clear testament to his passion for motorsports.