By TAG Heuer, TAG HEUER TEAM —  10 Nov 2014

TAG Heuer & the Watchmaking Heritage Day

On the occasion of the 6th Watchmaking Heritage Day, TAG Heuer opened its doors to the public and unveiled more than 150 years of its history. Hundreds of people took part in a visit rich in rewarding experiences and exchanges.

On Saturday, 8 November, young and old, beginners and connoisseurs flocked to the gates of TAG Heuer to discover the métiers of watchmaking and the rare 300-piece collection of the TAG Heuer 360 Museum.

Watchmaking Heritage Day started five years ago, following UNESCO’s recognition in 2009 of the watchmaking urban ensemble of La-Chaux-de Fonds and Le Locle as World Heritage sites. The event celebrates the outstanding universal value of this unique urban and architectural ensemble by giving the public a once-a-year opportunity to encounter watchmakers in the very workshops where Switzerland’s most celebrated watches are designed and manufactured.

To raise public awareness of its rich heritage, TAG Heuer offered visitor exceptional access to its TAG Heuer 360 Museum, a private museum whose unique displays delight watch and history lovers alike. Everything from the earliest pocket watches and dashboard counters to the brand’s many revolutionary patents and unique links to the sporting world are on display.

Visitors were also able to watch three TAG Heuer watchmakers in action: an expert in the repair of vintage watches and chronographs; a complications specialist; and a watchmaker presenting the brand’s in-house manufactured Caliber 1887 movement. Through demonstrations and open discussions with the curious the three craftsmen were able to pass on their love of watchmaking and give an overview of their unique savoir-faire.