TAG Heuer Vingt Sept

Sport Performance EWTHSVS009

These all-grey TAG Heuer VINGT SEPT sunglasses mix contemporary aesthetics with performance. The high-end carbon frame combines perfectly with the reflective lenses, crafted for those who thrive in a stylish, performance-driven lifestyle.

CHF 420,00
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TAG Heuer Vingt Sept

CHF 420,00

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Elegance Meets Endurance

The New grey semi-matte carbon frame blends resilience and style, perfect for those who seek performance with a sleek look.

Enhanced Vision

The Arctic Dawn lenses with a white mirror finish offer Base 4 coverage and category 2 protection, enhancing both style and vision clarity.

Mindful Innovation

The sunglasses’ compact and resource-conscious box emphasizes sustainable and innovative packaging solutions.

TAG Heuer Vingt Sept

Technical specifications

Material Injected long fiber carbon

Color Semi matte carbon new grey

Hinge material Stainless steel

Bridge size 17 mm

Bridge color Semi matte carbon new grey

Nose pads material Rubberized bio nylon

Nose pads features Interchangeable

Material Injected long fiber carbon

Color Semi matte carbon new grey

Length 135 mm

Color Arctic Dawn

Coating Flash AZURE with antidirt/hydrophobic coating

Material Bio nylon

Category CAT. 2

Size 57 mm

Curve 4

Authentic and
certified watches