A special day introducing SUP by KAI LENNY

The multiple World Champion stand-up paddle surfer and TAG Heuer ambassador KAI LENNY visits Japan!

In the luxury resort town of Hayama - famous for hosting the Imperial family summer vacation residence every year - KAI LENNY defies the top fashion magazines chief editors and watch journalists in an athletic SUP demonstration and workshop.


Ultra-talented TAG Heuer ambassador Kai Lenny, American surfer, windsurfer, kite surfer, and six-time world stand-up paddle champion on the largest waves in the world, was on hand. At the age of just 23, Kai has already been surfing the enormous and formidable Jaws wave for several years. He is the only person to have surfed in four different disciplines on the same day (tow-in surfing, SUP, windsurfing and kitesurfing). #DontCrackUnderPressure. Cracking under pressure? Not even an option when he is in the water.



Following Kai with his Aquaracer Ceramic 300M on the wrist, the courageous Japan team took the challenge with undeniable enthusiasm and showed unexpected skills on the sea. Kai was the first surprised to see such a good performance for a very first try on a SUP board and he warmly greeted all the Japan team with a typical Hawaiian hospitality and BBQ!


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