How much will I get for my trade-in?

The trade-in value will vary according to your watch generation. According to the current terms of our programme*, if you own a TAG Heuer Connected 46mm (serial number SAR8A80), you will be eligible to receive £200 GBP on your new TAG Heuer Connected. If you own a TAG Heuer Modular 45 (serial number SBF8A80) or Modular 41 (serial number SBF818), the value of this credit will be £300 GBP. If you want to know more about this programme, do not hesitate to contact our Customer Care team.

Where can I benefit from the trade-in programme?

The Connected Watch Trade-In programme is not available in all TAG Heuer stores. In the UK, it is currently only available in our TAG Heuer Flagship Boutique on Oxford Street in London. You can find the store contact details and address at the bottom of this page. You can also benefit from this service after you purchased a new TAG Heuer Connected on our website, by contacting our Customer Care team.

How quickly should I send my watch to you to benefit from an online Connected Watch Trade-In?

You will need to contact our Customer Care team within thirty days following your online purchase to benefit from the Connected Watch Trade-In programme. Our Customer Care team will provide you with shipping instructions to return the watch you want to trade-in.

How do I pack my watch before sending it for trade-in?

Detailed instructions will be sent with the pre-paid shipping label which you must use for the shipment. Electronic devices that contain batteries should be packed in compliance with applicable regulations, but our Customer Care team will guide you through this process.

Can I also return my accessories (charger, straps etc…)? 

Yes, we can dispose of all the accessories for you. Even if your accessories are not eligible for the trade-in offer, we will ensure they will be disposed of in accordance with local environmental standards in the UK.

Will I get the same warranty on my new watch?

Yes, you will benefit from the same 2-year warranty on your new TAG Heuer Connected Watch, same as every new TAG Heuer watch.

Do I have to provide the invoice for the Connected Watch I trade in?

We recommend you bring or send the documents that you have to facilitate the trade-in process. However, this is not mandatory as we will be able to find your watch on our system.

Where can I find the serial number on my TAG Heuer Connected watch?

To find your serial number, follow these instructions here.

Can I get my old watch back after benefiting from the Connected Watch Trade-In?

No, when you hand over or ship your watch to TAG Heuer and complete the Connected Watch Trade-In process, you transfer its ownership to us. We cannot return any trade-in watch once the trade-in process has been completed. 


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