By TAG Heuer team, TAG HEUER —  23 Jun 2015

TAG Heuer Joins Hands With Jeremy Lin to Succeed in the Beijing Challenge!

TAG Heuer, the Swiss Avant-Garde watchmaker, admires innate pioneering spirit, has been known for its daring and non-conformism, breaks traditions with its bold and trepid innovation, and never ever compromises! Now the brand ambassador Jeremy Lin ignites and releases the brand’s nature of facing down challenges. A great TAG Heuer Challenge is brewing in Bejing. Jeremy Lin’s trip in Beijing, very first time as one of the TAG Heuer ambassadors, will undoubtedly be full of extraordinary challenges.

Jeremy Lin is one of the new-generation of international idols especially among the younger generation. He is an extremely talented basketball player. His outstanding performance has allowed him to be a real NBA star. He is uniquely charming in every way. He pays no attention to naysayers. He never quits. This has made him the formidable focus of the world.

Don't crack under pressure

Jeremy Lin is the perfect representative of #Don’t Crack Under Pressure#. Just recently in a speech he gave on TV in Chinese, he talked about the setbacks and challenges in his journey of basketball and how he has never given up his dream even though it had been laughed at. He firmly believes that against all odds, you have to make all the effort to become flawless, only by which one could be the winner no matter on the basketball court or in life. Jeremy’s own experiences and spirits have inspired more and more young people to #Never Crack Under Pressure#.

A Basketball Dream, A Pioneering Spirit

On the evening of June 22nd, 2015, Jeremy Lin dropped in Wang Fu Jing The Mall At Oriental Plaza in Beijing and officially accepted TAG Heuer’s Beijing challenge, demonstrating in person the spirit of #Don’t Crack Under Pressure#. Led by Jeremy, a group of young basketball players from the Children’s Basketball Training Camp of East Star Sports completely an extremely difficult shooting challenge of moving basket. Jeremy encouraged these future players to work hard and never stop pursuing their basketball dream.

Jeremy shared with us, saying “I’m very glad to be in Beijing, meet so many young friends here and share my personal experience of the spirit - #Dont’ Crack Under Pressure#. Life will always be full of pressure and challenges. To never quit and work hard gives me the power to move forward!”

TAG Heuer Aquaracer Calibre, An Avant-Garde Chronograph

Jeremy also successfully completed the TAG Heuer movement puzzle. On the day, he sports his special edition, an Aquaracer watch illuminated with streaks of yellow. It features Jeremy Lin’s logo that has his initials, JL, above his lucky number 7. The 17th minute marker signifies his jersey number of the LA Lakers. In addition to the yellow featuring on the second and minute hands, seams of the strap and leather trim are also with yellow finishing. It is a perfect model for sports lovers, super accurate and reliable with a modern, relaxed look. The charcoal grey sunray dial gives a sense of depth to the watch, to impressive effect against the black and yellow strap.