By TAG Heuer team, TAG HEUER —  22 Jul 2016

TAG Heuer & Dartfish: a new innovative partnership

Dartfish is a Swiss company well known by thousands of sports federations and organizations, as the leader in the video creation, analysis and distribution technology. In the professional sport community, trainers, athletes, … they all know Dartfish. This company, an EPFL spin-off in 1998, revolutionized the trainings methods by offering a video analysis assistance. Moves, techniques, tactical options … the video support assists, analyses, contributes to the optimization and the strategic choices during the preparation to competitions.

Today, Dartfish presents with TAG Heuer the pairing of his analysis systems with a real watchmaker stopwatch, the “Pocket Pro”. Together, the myDartfish Express App and the TAG Heuer Pocket Pro form as of today the lighter, smaller and smarter video analysis & timing system package in the world, developed for high level trainers from all disciplines.

This is an innovative and exclusive association, which gathers the heritage and the technology, the real time and the visual for the everyday training. The myDarfish Express App and the TAG Heuer Pocket Pro operate with Bluetooth through a very simple process:

- Coach starts the Stopwatch
- Starts video capture triggered through Bluetooth signal in Dartfish Express
- Coach films event - Coach stopped Stopwatch that triggers end of video capture
- Exact timing overlaid for replay in Dartfish Express (Time + TH brand)
- Overlay is saved for further sharing

A new smart tool created for every trainers in the world, a new avant-garde product, just like TAG Heuer and Dartfish.