February 27, 2017


Engines begin to roar, pilots are set to shine. MXGP's 2017 season is on!

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The most demanding competition of motocross on the planet is back. This weekend in Qatar, the best pilots showed no mercy.

A ruthless circuit

Over the last four years, the Losail track in Qatar offers each time top level racing to enter a new season – making us more eager of its return. Filled with technical paths, this track challenges even the most skilled pilots. Trying to determine the winner before is a total gamble, since unexpected is genuinely part of Losail. No one has ever managed to be crown twice on this merciless circuit.

A season for endurance and determination

In four years, the winner of the first weekend in Qatar has been sacred World Champion only once. Holding enough points on both rounds of each 18 weekends of the Championship requires a solid resistance to pressure. Pilots must compete demonstrating all their dexterity, stamina and self-control to be on top. They race against themselves, pursuing time.

A 2017’s batch of excellence

The 2017 season’s line-up sounds exquisite. About thirty well-experimented racers answered the call of this new season. Carefully awaited to defend its MXGP World Champion title, the young Slovenian Tim Gajser will have to contain the pressure of the pack of challengers. 

For this first week-end, the six times MXGP World Champion Antonio Cairoli was the winner in Losail. The Italian rider overpassed Tim Gajser, who won last year and the Belgian Clément Desalle whereas the French Romain Febvre, yearned to reconquest his lost title, ended at the fifth rank.

To shine, pilots will have to keep control and be flawless.

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