Aquaracer Lady 300M Quartz - Full Ceramic 35 mm

TAG Heuer Lady Aquaracer


Aquaracer. Ever the pioneer, in 1892, Edouard Heuer filed the first patent for a watertight case in the history of watchmaking. It was an immediate success. Since that time, the Aquaracer (the collection created by TAG Heuer in 2003) has continued to evolve to become a sports watch beloved by men and women in equal measure.

In 2016, TAG Heuer is launching the very first collection of watches made entirely from ceramic with several new versions of the famous Aquaracer Lady, guaranteed to appeal to its female clientèle.

TAG Heuer Lady Aquaracer


Either completely white or completely black, and featuring a glamorous ring of diamonds or paired with rose gold, this 2016 case, with its more generous diameter of 35 mm (previous versions were 27 or 32 mm), strikes a harmonious balance, with no unnecessary details.

Robust and water-resistant to 300 metres (it is an Aquaracer, after all), this watch — featuring the immediately recognisable uni-directional rotating bezel, with its twelve sides and six studs, large luminous indications on the indices and hands for improved visibility and screw-down case back engraved with a diver's helmet — is a true sports model which combines elegance and charm.

Do we need to list the numerous properties of ceramic, the perfect material for the watchmaking world? It is incredibly hard — yet soft to the touch — and highly scratch-resistant (a key quality in a watch). It keeps its original colour, fresh as the day it was made, and does not oxidise. It is hypoallergenic (also very important if you wear your watch for 10 to 12 hours a day) and is lighter than steel.

TAG Heuer Lady Aquaracer


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