Practical. Durable. Mission ready.
A new way to wear your watch, to express your individuality, to play with color.

NATO strap watches – don’t be afraid, experiment with style.

A new way to wear your watch.

Utilitarian military history. Modern style. NATO straps are on-trend right now.
Go ahead – don’t be afraid to experiment with something new.

What is a NATO strap? 

It is a watch strap made from a single piece of nylon material. With a military history, NATO bands are incredibly durable, inexpensive, and easily interchangeable. NATO straps can be adjusted to fit any size wrist and were originally worn on the outside of uniforms.

Today, nylon straps are embraced by watch enthusiasts looking to put a unique spin on their well-loved watches. What’s more, most contemporary military watch bands are stronger and softer than rubber and leather.

Whatever the occasion. Whatever your mood. Whatever TAG Heuer watch you wear.
A NATO style watch band adds rugged charm to your look.

Practicality and durability.
Military necessities. Modern desires.

Palms sweating. Sun beating down on the back of your neck. Dust obscures your vision. Loud noises behind you, to the left. You hit the ground, back aching. Thirst overcomes you. You concentrate your energy for one last mission. Success awaits you.
Are you ready to run?

NATO strap wristwatches have a history steeped in military tradition.

In 1973, the British Ministry of Defence Standard released their own nylon wristbands, detailed: "Strap, Wrist Watch." Soldiers had to complete the G1098 form–now known as the G10–to retrieve their watch strap from the unit’s supply store. The innovative NATO wristband had to overcome a few key challenges.

  • They had to be incredibly durable. In combat, there was no time to fuss over a breaking watch band. Strength was a necessity, not an option.

  • They had to be versatile and functional. They needed to fit around the wrist – and often uniform–of every single soldier.

  • They had to be fail-safe. If any part of the band broke or came loose, the case still needed to be secure.


Your watch. Your wrist.
Experience maximum security.

Extreme lifestyles require extreme security. Your watch, your wrist, no chance of separation. Because NATO watches were designed for military use, they needed to provide the highest level of security.

The NATO strap loops under the watch, and through an additional keeper at the end. This creates a small pocket, preventing the watch face sliding up and down the NATO band. With the single-piece military watch strap firmly underneath the watch, if one bar breaks, comes out, or becomes loose, the case will remain on the strap.

Peace of mind. Total confidence. Never worry about losing your watch again.


Take a chance. Experiment with nylon straps.

You’ve worn it all before: leather strap watches, stainless steel watches, ceramic watches, carbon watches
It’s time to experiment with something new. Get creative. Be playful.

NATO bands come in many colors and patterns. From classic military greens and greys, to striped reds and blues, there’s a military watch band to complement every wristwatch, a style to suit every occasion. Plus, the straps are quick and easy to attach, and don’t require any special tools. They’re available in all sizes, the most common being a 22mm NATO strap.

So, embrace your unique style. Stand out from the crowd. Find a new way to wear your old favorites.


Keep pushing the boundaries.
NATO watches are on-trend.

Experience military security on your TAG Heuer wristwatch.

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