TAG Heuer, Branch of LVMH Swiss Manufacture SA, a Swiss company, located at 6a, rue Louis-Joseph Chevrolet, 2300 La Chaux-de-Fonds Switzerland, registered to the Trade and Companies Registry of the canton of Neuchâtel, Switzerland with the number CHE-105.935.430, (hereafter “the Organizer”), is organizing a free contest with no purchase necessary from 24/01/2020 to 31/01/2020 (hereafter the “Contest”).
The Contest, website and interpretation of its rules presented within are subject to Swiss Law.


The act of registering for and participating in the Contest implies uncritical acceptance of the rules available on the Site during the registration process and all other moments on the Site.


Participation in the Contest is open to all persons over 18 years old throughout the world, excluding employees of the Organizer and employees of companies involved in the planning and creation of the Contest, as well as their family members, parents or allies in direct or collateral line in the first degree or any other person living in the same household.
Participation is limited to one single entry per household as a tax unit (with the same surname, the same address, the same e-mail address, or the same computer) for the duration of the Contest.
All persons wishing to participate in the Contest must submit to the Organizer their surname, first name, a valid email address, country, valid ID/Passport, and whether or not they wish to receive email offers from TAG Heuer.


Contestants have the right to access, modify, rectify or remove, towards the Organizer, their personal information from the Contest.
Contestants’ information can be used by the Organizer to better serve them and inform them of new products and offers they might be interested in, provided that contestants have given their express consent or, as appropriate, in the absence of opposition on their part.


Information provided by the contestant in his/her player account must be accurate. If the contestant fails to provide accurate information he/she will be excluded from the Contest or, where appropriate, he/she will lose the status of winner without ability to make any claim.
It is strictly forbidden to modify, or attempt to modify by any means whatsoever, the devices used in the Contest, most notably, to modify the results, to influence the validity of the random draw, or to affect the designation of the winner through an automated mean or any unfair method. If it turns out that a participant was selected as the winner or awarded a prize in breach of these regulations, by fraudulent means, such as automatized research or the use of an algorithm, or means other than following the process described by the Organizer on the Site or in these regulations, the award will not be granted and will remain property of the Organizer, without prejudice of any legal proceedings that may be instituted against the contestant by the Organizer or by third parties.
Without prejudice to the provisions of article 2.1, It is also strictly forbidden for a contestant to register with multiple email addresses, or to play from an account opened by another contestant. One unique player account shall be opened per person with the same surname, first name, date of birth, country of residence and email address.



The Contest takes place from Friday 24th of January to Friday 31st of January. Contestants must register by entering their information using the webpage available on the TAG Heuer.com booth (name, surname, country, opt-in newsletter and valid email address).
A random draw will be held on the 31 of January at La Chaux-de-Fonds under the supervision of a notary designate the winners of the contest. The winners will be picked among the players who register to our Digital Application.
Entries received through other communication channels will not be considered.
The winners will receive an email explaining that they won the contest on the 31 of January to ask for their postal address.


The contestant may decide to invite some of his/her friends and relatives to register for the Competition. In this case, the contestant, acting as holder of his/her friends and relatives’ e-mail addresses, may provide to the Organizer the above mentioned e-mail addresses, so that the Organizer may send in the name of and on behalf of the contestant its invitation message for participating in the Contest. The contestant acts on his/her own initiative and is solely responsible for providing these e-mail addresses in order to send such invitations. The contestant pledges to have collected the express consent of and to have notified all e-mail addresses’ holders before providing these email addresses to the Organizer.
The Organizer acts only in the name and on behalf of the contestant in its quality of technical service provider for sending e-mails. Therefore, the Organizer will not be liable for any invitation sent to the e-mail addresses provided by the contestants.
The Organizer and the Game Operator process the network traffic and connection data relating to the game website and keep the IP address of the computer used by a contestant so as to establish statistics of game website activity, to keep game website safe and secure, and to check sincerity, loyalty, and rules compliance of a game participation, notably to detect and to prevent any automatized request on the game website or any automatized sending of invitation to a third party, which would consistently lead to the exclusion of the contestant and, where appropriate, the withdrawing of any potential prize won by the contestant. The Organizer or third parties may sue such contestant in front of a court. In that event, the Organizer will be able to provide the authorities with these network traffic and connection data, pursuant to the provisions of the applicable law.
The provided e-mail addresses of a contestant’s friends and relatives must be valid and different from each other to be tallied for the benefit of the contestant.


The following prizes will be awarded:
1. Entry (for 1 Winner + 1 Guest) to attend the first GT World Tour of the 2020 FIA Certified Gran Turismo Championships in Sydney (Australia);
2. Return Business class flights (for 1 Winner + 1 Guest) from Winner’s home country to Sydney:
•    Outbound date: 13th of February
•    Return date: 17th of February
3. Four (4) nights’ stay at a hotel in Sydney; one (1) double hotel room with two beds;
4. Transport to and from Sydney Airport to the hotel, on the dates of the outbound and return flights;
5. All meals during the GT World Tour event (from 13th until 17th of February);
6. Meet & Greet with the creator of the Gran Turismo Series, Kazunori Yamauchi;
7. One (1) entry for the Winner in the Pro-Am Race competition during the event.


Winner will be selected in a random draw which will be held on the 31/01/2020 by way of a randomization algorithm among the people who register during the period of the contest.
The selected winner’s eligibility will be verified upon claiming their prize.
The contestant selected in the random draw will be contacted via email by the Organizer. If a participant selected in the draw does not send his address back to TAG Heuer within 4 days after the sending date of the email, it will be considered as a waiver of the prize and the prize will remain property of the Organizer.
Winner’s name can be unveiled by sending a self-addressed stamped envelope to the Organizer with the address indicated in the Privacy Policy section on the Site during the month following the draw.
The Organizer may publish the names of the winner and their respective prizes on and offline, which does not grant any additional rights to the winner other than his/her prize.
The Organizer reserves the right to exploit winner’s name and country of residence for advertising purposes, and without any other counterparty than the prizes, for 12 months as from the winner’s designation.
The winner must conform to these regulations. If the winner does not respect these rules, the prize will not be awarded. Contestants authorize all verifications concerning their surname, first name, date of birth, address or accuracy of any other information given by them. All false declarations, identity or addresses will result in immediate disqualification of the participant and reimbursement of any prizes already received.


No financial compensation, or expense in any form whatsoever, will be sought from the contestants due to their participation.
Particularly, it does not require any purchase necessary concerning the Organizer products. In any case, if a contestant buys such a product, it will not increase his/her chances to win the game.


The images used on the Site, the objects represented, the trademarks and trade names mentioned, the graphical and technical elements, as well as the databases of the Site are exclusive property of their respective owners and may not be extracted, reproduced or used without written consent of the owners, and doing so without consent is subject to legal action.
Any resemblance of characters or elements in the Contest with other existing fictional characters or elements is entirely coincidental and the Organizer or any of the service providers acting on behalf of the Organizer, such as the Contest Operator, cannot be held liable.
The Organizer or its contractors, such as the Contest Operator acting on behalf of the Organizer cannot be held liable if, in case of events of Force Majeure or events beyond its control or in case of justified needs, it has to cancel, shorten, extend, postpone or change the terms of this Contest. It reserves the right to extend the Contest period. In particular, the Organizer or its contractors cannot be held responsible if the Site becomes unavailable during the Contest Period, or in case of malfunction of the automated draw process, which cannot be attributed to the Organizer or its contractors, or if information provided by contestants were to be destroyed for any reasons which cannot be attributed to the Organizer.
The Organizer reserves the right to replace any prize that would become unavailable by another prize of equal value.
No objections or claims may be raised regarding the prizes nor may the prizes be exchanged, transferred or converted in any way whatsoever. The winner commits to declining the Organizer's responsibility in regard to quality, characteristics or the functioning of a product or service offered as a Contest prize if the Organizer is not the producer, manufacturer or distributor of said prize. The contestants waive any legal action whatsoever concerning the Contest.
La Chaux-de-Fonds, 10/12/2019


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