Clearer than water. Harder than stone.
Can only be scratched by the edge of a diamond.

A sapphire crystal watch by TAG Heuer is virtually unbreakable.

Sapphire crystal. The hallmark of a luxury watch.

You lead an active lifestyle. You run from meeting to dinner, from event to the gym. You dive deep. You run fast. You play hard. Your mechanical watch must stand up to the challenge. You should never feel held back by your wristwatch. Instead, it should help you move faster.

The highest quality sapphire crystal is a cornerstone of all luxury timepieces. The sleek, perfectly clear cover protects the dial, ensuring no detail is damaged by the unforgiving elements. TAG Heuer’s immaculately crafted sapphire crystal has enough strength to last a lifetime, and beyond.

A timeless innovation.

At TAG Heuer, our sapphire crystal watch glass is meticulously cut from a polished slice of expertly engineered synthetic sapphire. We create our sapphire crystal by fusing and crystallizing alumina. This process was discovered in 1893 by chemist extraordinaire Auguste Victor Louis Verneuil. His innovation, often referred to as flame fusion, gives our collection of watches an impeccably clear, incredibly hard cover.

The result? An exquisite finish now, tomorrow, next year, next century.


Sapphire crystal, second only to diamond.

You have no time to be careful. You have no time to overthink. When you’re standing on the edge, you have no choice but to jump right in.

If your watch gets hit along the way – you have no time to worry. And why should you? Your watch crystal is resilient enough to defend itself against even the hardest hits. Our watch glasses are made of sapphire crystal, the second hardest material on planet Earth, behind pure diamond. That means scratching or cracking it is almost impossible. The only material that can mark our sapphire crystal timepieces is diamond, and sapphire crystal itself.

Concrete, stone, stainless steel. Nothing can ruin the flawless finish of a TAG Heuer sapphire crystal timepiece.


Dive deeper with sapphire crystal wristwatches for sale.

Wetsuit on. Scuba equipment intact. You're geared up and ready to dive. Strap on your dive watch, and take the final plunge. You descend deeper and deeper into the open ocean. The water becomes darker and darker. You approach the great unknown–fearless, ready for anything.

You look down at your wrist. Crystal-clear legibility. Indexes illuminated, watch glass invisible. You read the time with ease.

Our Aquaracer 300m dive watch features impeccable sapphire crystal for maximum legibility with minimum fuss. Just like you, TAG Heuer watch glass never cracks under pressure. In the deepest depths of the ocean–where light can no longer reach you–you can still track the time.


Sapphire crystal complements precious metals and gemstones.

Like the picture frame around a priceless masterpiece, our sapphire crystal watch glass is the ideal accompaniment to our classic and contemporary designs. The absolutely clear watch crystal never detracts from our stunning men’s and women’s luxury timepieces. Instead, it showcases the beauty, the quality, the craftsmanship that TAG Heuer is known for.

Dive watches, diamond watches, titanium watches, dress watches, sports watches – they all feature protection from a faultless sapphire crystal. It’s simple, tasteful, and perfectly complementary.


Own luxury. Behold strength. 

Your watch should last a lifetime. It should be there during your highs and your lows.
It should take on every challenge, and come out the other side unscathed.

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