Innovative materials for the modern timepiece.
Purpose-designed for the perfect fit and feel, just like Formula 1 racing tires.

Can you handle the speed?

Extreme comfort. Sporty style.

Your watch should fit like a second skin – hardly noticeable, infinitely useful. A sports style watch should hug your wrist without digging in, fit firmly without causing discomfort. 

But comfort shouldn’t mean compromising style.

You can tell a lot about a person by the watch they wear. Your watch should be an extension of your personality, a representation of your spirit, a showcase of your aesthetic. But style shouldn’t come at the cost of substance.

Rubber strap timepieces deliver both comfort and style. TAG Heuer’s expertly engineered rubber watch bands feature a unique silky, sleek finish. It feels soft against the skin and looks both polished and sporty.

Take it all. Own comfort. Wear style.

Watches with rubber straps. A companion for the wildest adventures.

Summer is at its peak. Can you feel the sun rays beating down on your bare back? Above you, towering tree tops alive with movement, the hot and steady breeze, the calls of exotic birds.

You check the time. 1pm. Canteen empty, your thirst is extreme. You need water, STAT. You skid down a steep incline, shrubs whipping at your ankles, dirt obscuring your vision. You run through the unforgiving jungle, the heat heavy on your skin.

You hear something. A trickle of water? You come to a cliff face. Below, icy cool, crystal clear – a flowing stream. Do you jump? Of course you do. There’s nothing holding you back.

At the beach, the gym, in the most distant jungles, or deepest oceans, rubber watches are built for adventure. With extreme water and UV resistance, TAG Heuer’s rubber watch bands are the perfect companion to luxury sports watches.


Take your diver even deeper with a rubber watch band.

How deep will you dive? Doesn’t matter – as long as you go deeper than before. Rubber watch bands are ideal for sport style watches, especially for dive watches and sailing watches. They are incredibly strong and water-resistant. They don’t crack, peel, or tear under pressure, no matter how deep you dive.

You can only rely on the very best. Pair your Aquaracer 300m with a rubber watch band for unsurpassed functionality, unbelievable comfort, and unreal style.


Rigorous testing for incomparable durability.

You’ve got no time for weakness. Here at TAG Heuer, we put our watch bands through intense examination to ensure strength and durability. We tug and beat our rubber watch straps 5,000 time – no defect goes unnoticed.

We subject our rubber watch bands to severe heat, intense humidity, and other challenging conditions. Only when they pass our rigorous tests do they end up in stores, and on your wrist. Don’t risk wearing second best.


Contemporary look. Futuristic watch.

Go beyond tradition. Push the boundaries of functionality. Embrace the future of watchmaking today. And don’t let anyone – or anything – hold you back. Rubber watch bands are the ultimate accompaniments to luxury smartwatches. Track your lap times in the pool. Keep tabs on business at the beach. Locate your whereabouts in the most remote destinations on planet Earth. 

Sweat resistant, water resistant, heat resistant.
Get the most out of your smartwatch with a rubber watch band.


Discover adventure. Discover rubber strap wristwatches.

Maximum durability. Unprecedented toughness. Complete comfort.

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