In the Land of the Rising Sun, soccer fever is spreading fast. With each new season, crowds of fans storm the archipelago stadiums. Dressing up the stands in their clubs' colors, the Japanese cheer their favorite players as part of the country’s most prestigious competition: The J. LEAGUE.

Since its inauguration in 1993, the championship has reached a maturity that is worthy of European championships, thanks to the many training centers and the experience of international players. Japan's top 54 clubs fight for the title, pushing their limits further both technically and physically.

Tactically, the players also compete with skill, strength and precision to win and share their passion for soccer to the broadest public. Qualities and a spirit of self-improvement shared by TAG Heuer, already highly committed to the world of soccer.

As the Official Timekeeper and Partner of the J. LEAGUE this season, the Swiss Watchmaker is the reference when it comes to timing matches, as well as conducting actions within the prescribed playing time. A first in the history of the championship.