INDY 500

The Greatest Spectacle in Racing


The Greatest Spectacle in Racing and part of the Triple Crown of Motorsport, which also includes the Monaco Grand Prix and the 24 Hours of Le Mans, the Indianapolis 500 gathers approximately 400,000 spectators to the city of Indianapolis every year over Memorial Day Weekend where the best drivers of the IndyCar Series compete for the renowned Borg-Warner Trophy!

TAG Heuer commemorates 15 years of partnership with the Indy500.

The Indianapolis 500 is the most explosive motor-race in America. The visors of their helmets down, hands firmly on the wheel, drivers warm up their tires. With their engines ready, the atmosphere is electric, and the adrenaline and pressure spike before the starter releases the pack in a tremendous blast. These amazing race cars are as quick as bullets and reach some unbelievable speeds. Every rotation around the ring is a permanent quest for the best time, and each second gained is a victory in itself. This is a race against time, where mastering pressure is vital. The Indy 500 is an unmissable race for all motor sport lovers, each year during Memorial Day Weekend.

INDY 500

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INDY 500

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