Pioneer in the history of football, the AFC Women's Asian Cup is the oldest women's continental soccer competition. From the Ural’s mountains to the Pacific archipelagos and the deserts of Australia, passion for soccer is as appealing to men as it is to women. 

Formidable on the field, the soccer players must master skills and technique to defend their country's place in the AFC - the Asian Football Confederation. Bringing together all the supercontinent's countries, this federation hosts the biggest competitions in Asia, such as the AFC Women's Asian Cup every four years.

This prestigious trophy is played in 2018, from April 6th to 20th, by the eight qualified countries: Jordan, China, Thailand, Philippines, Japan, Australia, Republic of Korea and Vietnam. Behind each country, crowds of supporters are thrilled to each action, each goal.

Technique, tactics, speed: Asian women's football has never been so modern. The AFC Women's Asian Cup promises a tough competition and contested games. The Asian teams are ranked among the best in the world: five of them are in the top 20. Japan, winner of the FIFA Women's World Cup 2011, stands as the most awaited opponents.

All players will have but one set goal: to win before the end of the time allowed by the Official Timekeeper, TAG Heuer, is up. 

For the very first time, the 2018 edition is being held at Jordan, in West Asia. A host country renowned worldwide for its cultural and historical sites like Petra and the ruins of the Citadel of Amman. A prestigious backdrop, at the crossroads between East and West of a continent that covers more than a third of the globe.

In addition to the glory of a crown in Asia, the running teams will have to make the difference on the field if they want to win qualifying places for the 2019 FIFA World Cup, in France. This additional pressure is sure to reveal an already promising new generation of women's soccer talent.


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