April 03, 2015

The Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris: running on TAG Heuer time

After the marathons in New York, Chicago and Berlin, TAG Heuer will be the Official Timekeeper at the Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris. First taking place in 1976, this is one of the world's biggest races.

Running is a discipline that Swiss watchmaking has ventured into all too rarely up till now: further evidence of the pioneering spirit of the brand founded in 1860, which strives to advance the boundaries of time and precision ever further. A world record was established in Berlin in 2014, with a time of 2h02min57s over 42.195 km – a feat which is expected to be repeated in the very near future.

And the true star of the 2015 Schneider Electric Paris Marathon will be the legendary TAG Heuer Carrera Chronograph.

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