By TAG Heuer, TAG HEUER TEAM —  29 Sep 2015

TAG Heuer welcomes Kei in Pink!

An endless rain was falling down on Tokyo from early in the morning but nothing could have stopped the crowd to welcome back Kei in his home country. As the TV cameras were standing by in front of our Tokyo historical boutique, Kei’s black Jaguar suddenly appeared on the Omotesando Avenue. He walked down the street, giving a smile, shaking a hand as curious onlookers were starting to gather around him, whom became from this year the most popular sport player in Japan.

The Omotesando boutique has been entirely branded with a huge screen storying the 4 years of this partnership between the best Japanese tennis player ever and TAG Heuer, and Kei proudly applied his signature on the window to commemorate this sponsorship.

It was also the occasion for him to wear for the first time the Aquaracer AIR-K 3, the 3rd japan limited edition in collaboration, which, after less than 3 weeks since the launch, is already ranked top 1 in sell-out in our direct stores.

But this day was not only a moment to celebrate Kei’s coming back to Japan. Exactly one week before the start of the 2015 Pink Ribbon campaign, TAG Heuer and Kei had decided to associated themselves for the fight against breast cancer.

Kei, who is already playing all his games with the professional sportwatch claimed he would wear during the entire week of the Japan Open (from October 5th until 11th) the pink version of it in solidarity.

All his team, including his coach Michael Chang will wear during the same period the pink model of the sportwatch which is becoming Kei’s trademark on his wrist. TAG Heuer had announced in the same time the donation of part of the sales of the WAE1114 to the Pink Ribbon campaign.

After this grave moment, climax of that evening arrived. What a surprise for Kei when he saw TAG Heuer VP Sales Luc Decroix rushing especially for this day with a 25Kilos cheese coming from the Helvetic mountains ! It was for him and the media attending their very first time to see an entire Gruyere cheese. As a true member of the TAG Heuer family, Kei shared the role of Master of Ceremony with Luc Decroix, before distributing by himself to the delighted journalists cheese pieces and champagne !