September 22, 2015


The Swiss luxury-watch brand, which has recently appeared globally as the partner and official timekeeper at the world’s biggest marathons – New York, Chicago, Paris, Berlin – has now officially announced its new partnership with the two elite German marathon runners Anna and Lisa Hahner.

As part of this new cooperation, at a visit to TAG Heuer’s Pforzheim-based Service Centre for the Central European Region Anna and Lisa Hahner have had the exciting opportunity to take a look behind the scenes at this watch manufacturer’s and observe its various activities. They were both even allowed to touch the watches.

The topic of time plays a very important role for the two runners, dominating their profession just as it does their private life. Everything they do is timed. For this reason Anna and Lisa are of course really looking forward to their partnership with TAG Heuer – a timekeeper that is prestigious globally and in so many prominent fields of sport. Anna and Lisa will now be representing the Swiss luxury watch brand as partners in their autumn marathons, e.g. the 42nd BMW Berlin Marathon (27th September) and the 34th Frankfurt Marathon (25th October).

The two elite runners have selected for their wrists one of the brand’s classic watches: the Monaco Calibre 12 in the blue Steve McQueen edition. Very cool. Whether you are on the asphalt in a racing car or in running shoes, the words once uttered by the acting legend and racing driver Steve McQueen – “When you’re racing, it’s life. Anything that happens before or after is just waiting.” – are very pertinent, and seem to connect generations of sportsmen and sportswomen.

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