By TAG Heuer, TAG HEUER TEAM —  18 Mar 2015


“A ground-breaking beat, a disruptive rhythm, a new-fangled sound: that’s what I’m seeking, always, from the bottom of my heart and for the frantic audience”. Before David Guetta, most DJs were isolated up in the booth, quietly counting beats and bars in the dark. Now they are the soul and life of the party. And none more so than the Guetta Blaster, the undisputed king of the electro night, whose beat-based empire circles the world of sound. Music is his sleep and food— his only master — but David Geutta controls the tempo, and never cracks under pressure.

Born in Paris in 1967, David Guetta started doing mixsets in his early 20s, back when the city’s DJs were hidden from view and considered nobodies. Soon he was front and center, re-animating nightclubs across the city, and then across Europe, from Berlin to Ibiza. Today he fills football stadiums around the world, composes and collaborates with the biggest names in hip-hop, pop and electro, and has sold more than nine million copies of his own albums. Add to that the 30 million singles, the clubs, the bars, the restaurants, and you get a sense of not just how golden the Guetta Touch is, but how intensely committed is the man behind it. Like TAG Heuer, David Guetta never slows, never tires, but pushes forward, to the beat of his own drum. He is a true path-breaker who refuses all limits and never cracks under pressure.