June 09, 2017


The 4 361 meters of spectacular and challenging circuit has provided along time legendary races.

In a very fast race leaded by Lewis Hamilton, Max Verstappen was challenging McLaren’s advance but had to end its race at the 11th lap due to an electrical problem in the car.

Motivated by the incredible success of Giles Villeneuve, the race track was built in 1977 in a island in the heartbeat of Montreal. This unique venue held the 1967 World Fair (Expo’67), its futuristic buildings were ideal for a Grand Prix.

In 1988, Ayrton Senna engraved the history of the Grand Prix after a splendid victory against his mythic rival Alain Prost.

It’s now time for Max Verstappen to cast some magic.

Max Verstappen : “There is always a big crowd at the Canadian Grand Prix, especially at turns one and two and you can feel the atmosphere when you’re in the car. One of my favorite points on the track is also one of the trickiest and that’s the last chicane. You arrive at the breaking point at very high speed and the brakes can be quite cold. It’s tricky to really nail this corner but I had a good battle with Nico Rosberg there last year and it’s always good when you come out in front.“