Traditions are traditions for a reason.
Classic style is timeless, and timelessness is future-proof.

Aligator or calfskin, TAG Heuer’s leather strap watches radiate luxury, exude confidence, and don’t compromise on toughness.

Only the very finest will do.

They say dress to impress, but what does that mean? Exquisite tailoring. Quality materials. An eye for detail. Only the very finest, and nothing less.

At TAG Heuer, we use only the very best calfskin and alligator available on the market. Our leathers are sturdy and strong, soft and flexible. The leather bands mold to your wrist without cracking or peeling, and they last for years and years. Our alligator leather straps come from exclusive breeding farms. The best craftsmen and women in the business then cut, sew, assemble, and pad the leather bracelets for maximum comfort and fuss-free security.

So, what’s the perfect complement to your watch? The finest leather watch straps.
Simple. Classy. Practical.


Buy watches with incredible toughness. Guaranteed.

Sometimes you get down and dirty. Sometimes you land face first in the mud. Sometimes you spend hours in the sunshine, and sometimes you get caught in the rain. Life happens – deal with it.

If your leather watch strap can’t face the challenge, it’s about time you got a new one. At TAG Heuer, we beat, tug, tear, and pull our leather watch straps to test for durability and toughness. Each alligator and calf leather bracelet is tortured 5,000 times or more. No challenge goes untested. Our leather bands take on all the elements, both natural and manmade.

Heavy sweating? Check. Extreme humidity? Check. Fast friction? Check. Our leather straps are exposed to it all. They are left in 60C/140F heat for 72 hours. They are compressed, thrown, and run over. No defeat goes unnoticed, and only the toughest leather straps make it to our stores.

It’s quality control, taken to the next level.


Your watch. Your life. Watch bands evolve with you.

You’re shoved against a wall. You’re thrown into a swimming pool. You drop your watch down a flight of stairs. You spend a week lying in the sun. Memories, with scars left on your leather strap.

Black and brown leathers are natural, living materials. They change color, age, evolve and adjust. Like a good wine, they get better as they get older. Leather bands develop a unique patina that tells a story, your story. Unlike rubber strap watches and NATO strap watches, leather strap watches become uniquely yours with wear.

They are one-of-a-kind, like you.


Always striking. Always classic.

Leather never goes out of style. On vintage watches, sports watches, Smartwatches, leather adds class and elegance. 

Men’s leather strap wristwatches are as diverse and individual as you. Find inspiration in the greatest motor car racers, and wear a sporty perforated leather watch band with your Monaco. Take your style cues from the heartbreakers of yesteryear, and wear your finest classic watches on an alligator leather band.

Women’s leather band watches emanate elegance and luxury. Like the little black dress, a simple dial – such as the ladies Carrera – displayed on a minimalist black leather strap never goes out of style. Spice things up with colored alligator, the perfect accompaniment to two-toned watches.

No matter your style, no matter the occasion, a leather bracelet can showcase your favorite timepiece.


Buy Leather Strap Watches for Men

Embrace tradition and conquer the future. Enjoy classic styling with a contemporary edge.

Wear leather strap watches for men by TAG Heuer – timepieces with confidence, style, and absolute durability.

Quality is always paramount.

When it comes to quality, only the very best will do. No shortcuts. No cutting corners. 

Artisanship from start to finish. Extend your adoration for exquisite quality to your wrist watch. Wear a luxurious men’s leather strap watch by TAG Heuer. When creating our black and brown leather straps, we source the finest calf and alligator leathers on the market. In fact, our alligator leather comes from an exclusive breeding farm.

The leather is then cut, sewn, and assembled by the most skilled craftsmen and women in the industry. Stainless steel buckles and super-soft padding are added for extra comfort and reliable security. The result? Timeless leather straps for men that mold to your wrist and develop a rugged, worn-in look without cracks or stretchmarks. TAG Heuer’s leather strap timepieces for men are incredibly durable, and will last you years – not months.

It really is that simple. Leather. Classic. Comfortable. Practical.


Tough love.

The jungle surrounds you as you run. Faster. Faster still. Suddenly, a steep incline. Do you stop? Of course not. You speed up. You leap through the air. You fall, get up, keep going. Now, you’re lying on a beach towel. The sound of crashing waves sends you into a blissful half-sleep. The warm tropical sun warms your body and the humidity sticks to your skin. A cool breeze wakes you. You check the time before closing your eyes again.

Wherever. Whenever. Your wrist watch should meet the demands of your lifestyle. It should look good, feel good, and never crack under pressure.

TAG Heuer’s leather bracelet watches for men deliver on durability time and time again. How do we know? Because we test them – 5,000 times. We push our men’s leather straps to the limits, and then further. We beat. We tug. We pull. And if we see a sign of weakness, we get rid of it for good.

Our leather band watches for men stand up to extreme heat, thick humidity, friction, sweating and more. We expose both calf and alligator leather straps for men to 60C/140F heat for three whole days. We run them over. We compress them with machines stronger than any man.

We take quality control to a whole new level so you can wear a leather strap watch for men that never falters.

When only the very strongest will do, go with TAG Heuer.


Uniquely yours.

Life takes you to new and exciting places. You go through ups and downs, moments of joy and moments of defiance. Every experience shapes who you are, teaches you invaluable lessons, develops your personality. These memories are forever kept in your mind, and on your gentlemen’s leather watch strap.

Leather is a living material. It evolves over time. It becomes softer, and changes color. Each mark tells a story. The unique patina that develops is completely original – just like you.

Make it yours. Embrace your story.


Buy Leather Strap Watches for Women

Beauty. Strength. Class. Embody the spirit of luxury and timelessness.

Elegant leather strap watches for women combine stunning good looks and absolute comfort with steadfast durability.

A fine quality leather bracelet for luxury women’s watches.

Quality – what does that mean to you? Luxurious finishes. Attention to detail. Exquisite craftsmanship. Fine materials.

TAG Heuer’s range of leather strap wristwatches for women showcase top-grade leathers expertly treated for unsurpassed comfort and reliable durability. eather bands for women are classic and classy. They require high quality leather that will stand the test of time, that will age with grace and perseverance, that will mold to your wrist without peeling or cracking.

That’s why TAG Heuer uses premium leathers to craft our lavish leather strap timepieces for women. Our striking calf and alligator leather straps for women are sourced from exclusive, purpose-built breeding farms. Then, talented craftsmen and women cut, sew, assemble, and pad the leather bands, ensuring total comfort and dependable security.


Good looks. Charm. Durability.

Leather band watches for women that take on the challenge. Life doesn’t always go according to plan. Ride the wave. Flow with the changing winds. And when things go wrong, know you can get right back up.

Whether you’re lying in the sunshine or running through the rain, stand up to the challenge, and wear a wristwatch that will stand up with you. Discover a watch strap for women that combines beauty and strength, refined elegance and durable toughness.

Here at TAG Heuer, we test our leather straps for women over and over again to ensure maximum durability. We tug, beat, pull, and tear. We subject leather bands for women to all sorts of excruciating conditions. We call in all the elements: sweat, tears, rain, humidity, extreme heat (think temperatures in excess of 60C/140F), and fast friction. If the leather bracelet for women falters, we start again.

Don’t let their elegance and luxurious finish fool you. TAG Heuer’s alligator and calfskin leather straps for women are seriously tough.


A leather watch for women that’s uniquely yours.

As time ticks by, you change and evolve. You are not stagnated or absolute. Your thoughts are limitless, your actions ever-adapting. As life takes you from one experience to the next, you accumulate precious memories. Wear these memories on a luxury leather watch strap.

Black and brown leather straps for women are constructed from natural, living materials. The sun, water, and general impacts of day-to-day life affect the appearance of leather watches as they develop a unique patina that tells your story. Like all the best things in life, they get better as they get older.

Yours today. Uniquely yours tomorrow. Leather watches for women wear the mark of your experiences.


Classic. Striking. Timeless beauty. Leather watches for women.

Leather watch straps are timeless and versatile. Think black leather straps for women paired with opulent gold for a classic and simply striking look. Opt for brown leather straps for women paired with understated stainless steel for refined elegance.

Leather bands for women work well on any style of timepiece. From sports watches and dive watches, to dress watches and smartwatches, you will find a leather watch strap to suit your personal tastes and lifestyle needs. Wear it today, tomorrow, and for the rest of your lifetime.


Classic. Traditional. Timeless.

Make a statement. Show off your style. Wear a watch that’s not only timeless, but future-proof.

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