Founded in 1901, Gulf is a historic member of the Seven Sisters.
For more than a century, the oil company has maintained a long tradition of excellence and innovation. First petrol station, discovery of marine oil: Gulf always revolutionizes its time.

In December 1913, Pittsburgh’s inhabitants, in Pennsylvania, discovered the world's first petrol station. On the small shop sign, four letters were about to revolutionize the usages of the time: Gulf.

Founded in the United States more than a century ago, the brand is one of the oldest oil companies in the world but above all one of the most innovative. Always in the avant-garde, Gulf is constantly reinventing its industry by leading the way, such as the exploitation of marine oil.

Enterprising and visionary, the company is now present in more than 100 countries. Its logo with an orange disc circled of blue is also present in motorsports.

As TAG Heuer, Gulf is passionate about performance and pushing boundaries, driven by a constant search for innovation. A commitment passed to posterity in the movie Le Mans, released in 1971, in which Steve McQueen drives a Ford GT40 bearing Gulf’s colors, blue and orange.

Since then, the brand has continued to support the most prestigious events such as the FIA Endurance World Championship. By choosing TAG Heuer as a Partner, Gulf intends to share to the greater number its tradition and core values: "Quality, Endurance, Passion".